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Speaker Upgrade Question..

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I was testing something out the other night, and I faded the front speakers out to hear the rears - they sound like crap! Low and tinny, it seems like 90% of the sound comes from the front speakers!

So I was wondering, if I swap out the stock speakers for a set of Infinity's (I'm thinking Kappas or Reference), will the rears do their job, or does the car just have some sort of weird bias towards the front speakers making all of the noise?

Will I hear a difference with aftermarket speakers (I have an Alpine CDA9820XM HU)?

Before I just go and do it, who here has swapped out their speakers and what were your impressions??

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Thanks for the reply..

Forgive me, in terms of audio, I'm a noob. I've always been into the performance aspect, but the Z is too costly to make sense to mod in that direction, so the audio was an obvious area in need of improvement.

My goal is excellent quality of sound. Not huge bass, high volume, a million watt system.. etc. I'm a musician, so I appreciate something that is finely tuned and clear as a bell.

So by harsh, what did ya mean? Also, crossover at -4? Not sure what that means either!

A brief definition of both would do, thanks again!

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I'd wanna be around the $200-300 range for all four, or the $200 range for the fronts and $100 range for the rears..

I gotta keep the budget tight because I will be purchasing This

So I can hook up This and have it directly interfaced into my HU.

That way, I'll be running my CD's, AM/FM, XM Satellite Radio, AND MP3s - all from one head unit.

This is why I figured it was time to upgrade the speakers - no sense in sending all that media into **** speakers.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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