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Speaker amp Location

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Hey all...I know someone already said that the amp is in the tire well....but where? Is it under that foam thing? I just got back from tweeter and the guy there was nice enough to tell me to just do a amp bypass instead of replacing all the Blose speakers since I wanted to keep them for now, but am installing a new head unit. SO.....anyone want to provide insight? Maybe a picture?
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As I recall, it is on the driver's side just in front of the rear wheel well (It has been a while since I had it removed).
Cool, I found it. Now....anyone have a diagram of the wires to redo if I want to bypass the amp for the speakers? The colors of the wires going into the amp don't match the colors of coming out of the harness....This is the last step I need to do and I will be all set! Anyone who can help? :welcome:
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