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If you are a fan of real speed and serious performance cars - you might be an often guest at weekend track events or even competitions.

In some cars factory stock seats may not do it's best in extreme conditions, so it may be a good decision to upgrade your sport car with some lightweight sport seats with advanced support.

Here at CARiD we have a wide list of racing seats for high performance sport cars and supercars.

Sparco and OMP are probably the most famous names in the industry of racing seat and components and we are proud to offer you their best models at a good price.

Check out the sport seats for your model on the following page:

Custom Racing Seats | Sparco, Corbeau, Cipher

Magnus Walker's Sparco seats in one of his 911s.

Have you ever driven a car with aftermarket race seats?
What do you think about such seats in your dailydriver?

If you already got some racing seats - show them up!

Share your opinions and inquire for quotes in the comments below!
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