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Sound Systems

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I was just wondering what kind of set up for sound other Z owners are running on their Z's.

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Just updated to the Kenwood DDX-7015...amazing unit.
kenwood ddx 7015

infinity perfect components.
Just installed Eclipse AVX 2494 w/20gig HD, DVD...Eclipse sub, Seas Lotus Reference components and TRU Technology T03-4.150 amp.
infinity perfect components up front, nothing in the rear, jbl gto amp to power them, Eclipse deck.
Blowes w/ woofers and tweeters replaced w/ Alpines and an extra alpine amp. Actually sounds great! :irock:
i have neatly tucked under my bed awaiting fitment.....

Clarion VRX935VD
Clarion DSP/Dolby Processor
Clarion TV Tuner
Clarion SRK5 centre channel
JBL 608GTi splits for the front
JBL P652 2-ways for the rear
2X JBL 180.2 amps
JBL 80.4 amp
JBL 80.2 amp
2x Alpine Type X 10" Subs
Plenty of Monster Cable speaker wire and Clarion CeNet cables
5 Audison RCAs
Optima Battery

......most of which was ripped out of my Alfa prior to selling

here's a pic of some of the stuff
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I'm running a JL Audio Stealthbox off of a 500/1 amplifier on the stock non-bose head unit. Here are a couple of pics.

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Its in my sig.


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Here is what I got. <M>

DDX 7015
JL 500/1
JL 300/4
Infiniti Perfect 6.1
Infiniti Kapa 6.25 rears
2x 10w3v2 ( I think)


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