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Well this past weekend I went to Harrisburg for the Custom Compact Show. Every time I go it seems to get bigger and better. I wanted to share a few pictures with everyone from the show, they are mainly all 350Zs with one exception.

I had my car parked out in the fun field, it was getting a lot of attention!

The main show was inside the farm show complex building. As soon as you walk in there was a nice 350Z sitting there to greet you.

A dealership brought this car in, there wasn't much to it, but the paint job looked nice.

This is a drift car from the Falken Drift Team, this was one of three cars that were all the same.

This Z was next to the Falken Drift Team,

This is the backside to the Rockford Fosgate 350Z, it came all the way from California. This car had some serious interior work done to it.

And I saved my favorite picture for last. This was taken outside from our hotel window. All night there were cars coming through the parking lot and doing burnouts, seriously we took over this hotel like it was a college fraternity party. If you look closely, there is a white civic that just about finished doing a burnout. I am the dark figure in the bottom middle of the picture. I wanted to be there to make sure nobody got too close to me and my buddies car.

I have a lot more pictures than this but I figured it would give you an idea of what it was like and maybe you can make it next year.

To the moderators, there shouldn't be any problems with thread now.
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