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Slow Motion Motorsports...Columbus, Ohio

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So heres the skinny...

I bought a turbo and some other goodies to give my Z 400whp. Sounds great right? So I do alittle searching and a shop called Slow Motion Motorsports was recommended to me. I was told they had installed all the parts I have on another 350Z. Experience is a good thing. SO. They quoted me $1,400 for full insatll and 1 hour on the dyno for tuning. So I drop the car off on a Monday, I was told 3-5 days and she'll be ready for pick up. Keep in mind this is my only car. So Friday rolls around and I have a buddy drive me back to Columbus (3 1/2 hour drive) thinking my car would be done....what do you think happened next???

That's right folks, it wasn't! I was now stranded at the shop with no ride....So the shop tells me after I sat in their shop for 6 1/2 hours waiting, "Sorry but your car won't be done till Monday" They said the "Nissan" guy doesnt work on Saturdays and they shop is all together closed on Sunday. Well ****! Good thing I have a kickass car club. I called the Pres and he came over, picked me up and took me across town to my brothers house.

So Monday rolls around still not ready..... I just said **** it and decided togo to the [email protected] 230pm another ZROC member (Dustin) picks me up and drives me back over there. I'm pretty pissed off now! No I'm FURIOUS! Again, not looking good. I sat there from 3pm till 1230am WAITING for my car. At this point the owner tells me togo pay my bill and he will get started on tuning the engine. $2,000 later.... They finally get it runnin and on the dyno @ 1230am. Start the engine up, first pull on the dyno, not even 5psi, the magical sound of a "tink" starts!!!!!

So lets take a few steps back and recap before we go farther.
1 Dropped only car off for a week 3 1/2 hours away
2 Stranded in Columbus over weekend no car.
3 Monday rolls around, no car. Waiting 9 1/2 hours in a non air conditioned waiting room
4 Original quote was $1,400 for install, paid $2,000. (Missing parts?)
5 I'm suppost to be working and I'm stranded in Cbus.

Ok so back the the story, so when all this happened, I was once again stranded in cbus at 1230 in the fucking morning. So the owner offers to let me crash at his house and we will attck this thing first thing in the morning. LOL really?? I'm so spent at this point I said sure, **** it. So as we are driving to his place, he tells me that he doesnt have his own place. He lives in the basement of his parents house.....WOW. The owner of this shop still lives at home..Hmmmmmm. On to Tuesday morning, as everyone gets into the shop, noone has any idea what's wrong with my car. bla bla bla bullshit. So I had to get back to Ashtabula, there was no other option, gotta get back and work. Cory (the owner) told me the car is in good hands, they will need to take the engine out and fix what ever is wrong. Fishy but ok, I'm not a mechanic.

So a week and a half roll on by, no phone cal, no nothin! Well I called them. I got Wyan (the front store manager) on the phone. I fucking hate this guy! He trys tellin me some line of bullshit that I knew wasnt true. I told him I wanted a better update and to call me back. Well it was then goin on 3 weeks, STILL no update....I was offically put on the back burner! Well now I'm jsut a complete mess! I have no update, don't know whats wrong, engine is pulled out, again ****!

Well I wanted to see for myself wtf is really goin on, so I make a special trip down to Cbus and make a suprise visit to the shop. My engine was on a stand, car was outside, noone working on it....their nissan tech was working on a civic instead, which confirms I was on the back burner and not a priority! FUCKERS. So Cory comes out and doesnt know what to say but the usual bullshit, "Well man we are doing our best to figure it out, I'll call you when we know something." So instead of me smashing his fucking face into my engine, I decided to leave and go grab a stiff drink.

This is where my killer car club came into play. We all met @ Jim's house for a meeting of the minds. After much discussion, we all decided the shop is full of it and we needed to get my Z out of there STAT! I had to head back north again for work, so I couldnt be there when this went down at the shop.

Now the shop saw me on the friday the 25th, for you gear heads, all they did was pull the engine, take the vavle covers off, and the timing plate. The heads were still intact and inplace. I have a ZROC memebr that can verify that. So after I met with my club and we came to our decision, I called the shop on Monday morning @ 9am (1 hour before they open) left them a message saying that I do NOT authorize anymore work be done to my car until a plan is placed in front of me. Wanna take a stab at what they did??? They went ahead anyways and took the heads off! So now my engine is in more pieces. Few days roll by and on Thursday, my club rolled up to the shop with a truck and trailer!

After a meeting with Cory, they loaded everything up onto the trailer and got my **** outta there! So Cory calls me and wants me to pay him 350 bucks for the labor they did pulling my engine....F U C K T H A T! I told him I don't have the money and I'll talk to him on pay day. Well he ows me for 1 hour on the dyno that never happened, thats 150 bucks. So now were down to 200, I still havent talked to Cory yet, but I'm sure I'll be getting a call on the 15th so keep your fingers crossed for me. I might just reach through the phone and knock him the **** out!

So the end to this story is my Z sits on a trailer at Jim's house, engine completely taken apart, no idea whats still wrong with it, no money to fix it or put it back together. I'm so lucky aren't I?? I'll post more as it developes. Now you all know my frustration with this whole thing.

took me 45 minutes to write this **** =)

OH AND THEY SUCK!!!! DO NOT GO THERE!!!!!!! you have been warned! :xZ!o:
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