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Hi Guys,

I'm hoping you can help answer this question. Basically I've got a 05' Touring with the Bose system (I'm from Australia and we have no choice with the stereo).

What I initially wanted to do was just replace the head unit to give me a bit more control over the EQ settings etc but since visiting this forum I've learned quite a bit about the bose system and how it was designed by a bunch of monkeys.

Anyway to my question, if I use an amp which is "1 ohm stable" can I then just leave the stock bose speakers alone?

All I want to do is change the head unit and sub and I don't want to have to order a line converter from the US and wait weeks for it to arrive.

I'd change everything but I really can't be bother running all the extra speaker wires to the front doors etc.

I guess another good question would be if I use an amp like this can I still use the stock wiring to the front/rear speakers?

OK, many thanks for your help.

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