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Site Updates, Renovations, and other news.

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The time has come where we must look to expanding our capabilities and usability. As you can see the site has changed looks significantly. This is primarily due to the fact we upgraded to version 2.0 of the forum software and it looks a bit differnt than the previous version. One thing to note is the look is not final. We will be renovating, altering, and overall just toying with the site to get the look just right.

The other sections of the site will be coming shortly. Expect these sections to make a reappearance:
-Sponsors Page
-Chat Room
-Product Reviews
-and more

We are also implementing new features. One of the biggest to note is the News Feed abilitiy. This enables us to pull news headlines up to the minute from virtually anywhere that has a news feed. To get the ball rolling I started an Automotive news section with feeds from a few automotive news magazines. You can discuss the news posts within each thread.

Well that is that. Don't worry if you dont see something that was once here, as everything will fall into place soon. I think everyone will enjoy the new features.
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