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Single tip exhaust on 350z

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I wanted to know what you guys think about single tip exhausts. Specificly JIC spartan de type 1. Here are some pics courtesy of this gallery. Here's a copy of video clip with audio. Now the size of the exhaust tip is the same size as Amuse R1 (read HUGE), but there's only one of them :) Did any of you Amuse guys manage to scrape your exhaust? I think one of you guys did since I remember some one looking for titanium. How much did it cost to fix?

I'm thinking about getting this exhaust becasue:
1. I'm being a tight ass.
2. It's ultra light since it's made of titanium.
3. It's cheaper then Hi-Tech or APS exhausts.
4. It's lighter then Amuse and above mentioned exhausts.
5. I can make it as loud or as quiet as I fell like it since it has a removable silencer.

Now the against:
1. It looks bit rice but I'm neutral towards it (not lover or hater)
2. The exhaust tip is huge.
3. I've to import it (but I've imported lots of other things before).
4. It will create huge holl where the stock muffler was, so I'll need to get a diffuser which will fill out the gap if i want to keep the aerodynamics.
5. There'll be a hole in the rear bumber on the right hand side because of missing exhaust hip.

What do you guys think?


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:thumbsup: :thumbsup: two thumbs up from me...

one thing you should consider about running this type of exhaust is that you will have a large void in the rear where the stock muffler used to be.. it does affect high speed (+80mph) stability a bit, so if you run this fast once in a while I would highly suggest crafting something cover the void.. i'm debating whether to go back to the more traditional twin setup just for this reason or having a custom rear diffuser made for it, at times I run a bit faster than the posted speed limit...
Thanks for the tip, by the way, did you dyno it? Before I decide to purchase it I'll look around to see how much is it going to cost me to get a custom diffuser.

By the way, nice car :thumbsup:
Nuff, don't forget that in the pictures you show the car has a new (not standard) rear end.

I think if you have an exhaust with 1 milo can it wouldn't look good with the standard rear end. Obviously to replace this would mean more dollars, so, just stick to the Hi Tech or APS.

Also, as ether mentioned, it won't be as stable at higher speeds.

As always

Too rice! Might as well hang a sign from your rear saying:
"Police come to me I have no mods on this car"
Please get anything, anything I plead, that has two outlets.PLEASE!
its amazing, in japan, having a modded car sometimes gets you more freedom rather than less...

i have not dynoed it.. probably lost some low end tq.. but gained high end hp.. but the weight savings affectted performance very positively, the stock system is really heavy compared to this.. this is a 3" system so its would best to use it on a system with heavy NA mods or FI..

i have since removed the rear c-west pieces and actually the exhuast looks a bit better since the missing tip is less noticeable.. but this probably only applies to black cars
Well guys, I'll take your opinions into consideration.

Ether, have you got any more up to date pics? Thanks.

It's good to see one person from Japan on this board, do you know if there are any people in Japan running the Nismo Spec-1 cams and what sort of power they are getting?
I know of some who have gone with the nismo s-1 package have not asked about their power levels.. but to be honest I think most people are topping out at about 280 rwhp with various approaches.. the only thing that has impressed me with substantial power increase are cars running 11.5 compression pistons.. those cars are night and day to heavily modded NA cars.
Another thing to consider is that even with the silencer in, it might not pass our Australian noise limit as ours is lower than other countries.

I found this to be the case with some exhausts from overseas.
What is the use of having an exhuast to increase performance & then put a silencer on to restrict performance????

I know about going to track, but to me it doesn't make sense. Seems like most of the time you would have the silencers in to make sure the cops didn't defect you.
what's the noise limit in Australia.. even without the silencer this exhaust passes the Japan standards (96db) more infor here..

I use the silencer since I live around some delicate neighbors, but it comes off on the weekends..
in australia it's 89db
wow thats low... i know of stock ferraris that are louder than my exhaust... wonder how they get by in australia.. with the silencer it could be legal, but don't know the db level with the silencer, but without it you will certainly be above it...
After taking a closer look at how noise is messured in Japan it's quiet different then in australia, first of all in australia the rpm is 30% output or 3000rpm, which ever is greater (correct me if i'm wrong), in Japan it's 75%. Also the distance is .5 meters in japan, i'm not sure what the distance is here. So it's hard to compare the noise levels.
Hey Nuffy, I was out walking my dog tonight and saw a Zed just round the corner from my house with one of these exhausts on so I know they are in Australia. I must admit that in person it looked better than the pics posted earlier. The car had the standard rear bumper on it and I reckon unless you owned a Zed you probably wouldn't notice the empty cut out on the right hand side nor the empty space where the rear muffler sits

Whilst I prefer the dual tips I thought I'd give you some benefit of my quick overview of the system installed
Thanks, so it's every one against it and two people say it's ok. As for the cutout and the hole in the back I would install a diffuser in it's place. But still, I've not decided 100% if I'm going for it or not, it's one option.
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