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So this is my 2008 hr twin turbo Z project which is nearly complete:
A few bits added,
Braided Brake lines
Project MU rotors/racing pads
Cusco sway bars
Buddy Club P1 wheels
245/19-275/19 Bridgestone rubber
Giken Twin Plate clutch
hks high flow cats
3inch custom stainless twin exhaust
tein flex coil overs with edfc
KLS bar and Plate Intercooler
Turbo Smart BOV
KLS Bush Bearing Turbos T28
Braided oil and water lines
HKS Super fire Plugs
Walbro intake fuel pump
HKS Turbo timer
Greddy baffle oil sump
universal oil cooler
Haltech boost controller
6 new injectors
ECU tune happening Monday by Revzone in Melbourne

Sorry about the bike but he who dies with the most toys wins:rolleyes:


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Nice. Will you be taking her to a dyno and posting results?

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So Here it is running 5Lbs and 7lbs of boost.
Tuned for the road mad tourque mad midrange

Struggling a little with twin plate Giken Clutch but seems to be bedding in a bit now

But Fun so Much Fun:biggrin:

For the record before I touched it it was dynoed at 176Kw at the wheels
According to the Brochure 230kw Flywheel

So gain of 108kw or 144hp for the Non Metric
gain of 149nm or 110lb -ft again for the Non Metric


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So after only 2000kms whilst only running 5psi think tink tink tink tink tink Bang!!! smoke grinding -- add 30secs god bless turbo timers oil coolant ------ Bugger hole in block -- my guess is turbo fan gone into engine but will have to pull in apart to find out whatever it was gonna hurt pocket :xZ!o::xZ!o::xZ!o:
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