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Shipping From USA

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I have a heavy package to ship from Performance Nissan to here and UPS is like US$800 and a freight company is around US$700?

I got a quote for shipping an APS single turbo kit via FedEx for only US$550 and I would have thought this would be lighter and smaller. Ive asked them to try FedEx but I cant remember if that is an option for them or not.

Last time I used USPS but its too heavy for them this time.

How have others shipped their items from there?

Anyone know a cheaper freight company?
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Nah, thanks for the idea though.
Can it be divided up into smaller packages? Probably be the cheapest option to send a couple of packages via USPS air if possible.
I suggested that to them and they were going to check today, i'll email and see if they tried that or if they only tried the freight thing.

Sea freight from Los Angeles approx USD$ 135.00 per cubic metre, and that is a special rate! Then add 7% (fuel surcharge), loading fee. Then add for the Aussie side, duty (if applicable), quarantine service inspection, shipping automation fee, etc etc. That one cubic metre will more than likely cost around USD $235.00.

And BTW, Sea freight (conference) is very quick these days, around 17 days from port to port!

You weigh it up!


PS: I usually get a container if the boat beam fits, so there is plenty of room for extra gear, maybe I should start selling that extra space?
really micky only 17 days on the water?

i thought it was more like 2-3months
How long does it take getting through customs etc?
Most times, see freight should take about a week from one continent to another. It's when they run into bad weather, loading problems, etc. that holds up the shipment. Generally, ocean freight is cheaper (and slower).
Originally posted by mchapman@Jun 1 2005, 05:40 PM
I got a quote for shipping an APS single turbo kit via FedEx for only US$550 and I would have thought this would be lighter and smaller. Ive asked them to try FedEx but I cant remember if that is an option for them or not.

Tell Performance Nissan Parts that they don't have a choice in the matter, if they want your business.

Otherwise, call FedEx and arrange the shipping yourself. Just tell Performance Nissan Parts to box your stuff, and you'll arrange your own courier to pick it up and ship it.
They have already taken the money out of my account now. But they wont be shipping it for a while, doesnt matter.

Performance Nissan did try other options, found freight to be cheaper and they chipped in some of the shipping cost to reduce it a bit, so they have tried to help. And this is on what i consider a well priced item, so their service is better than any store in this country. Im happy.

Thanks for ideas guys, i'll keep them in mind for next time.
I've had good service from those guys too, finding other options to ship for me etc when I called them up.

Its a shame that other Aussie members didn't get the same service, but regardless it sounds better than this guy's experience with Dell....
I had good and pad expirience with them, the bad was when they shipped my items by UPS when they told me they will ship it using USPS. Ended up paying a lot to customs.
Wouldnt you have had to pay to customs anyway?

My post office holds it until I go down and pay the customs fees.

It's a bit of an over simplification but basically there's a higher tax free threshold on packages via postal service as opposed to courier. I think I've learnt all the tricks in the past decade of internet shopping and one of the main ones is "don't use a courier unless you have absolutely no other choice".
With UPS they just call you up and ask for you credit card number. In retrospect I should have just rejected the package.
Listen to Smooth. He works in customs :D

As for ocean shipping, 2-3 months is insane. 17 days is even really long. Those shipping boats really haul ass. Remember, they are paid by the cubic meter, so the more trips they can make in a given time, the better.

The three major sources of delay are weather (august-november worst for pacific), delays at the port due to over crowding (Los Angeles and Long Beach the worst), and strikes by the Longshoreman's Union. Remember that strike? Hundreds of ships were stuck offshore with cargo. You could see them lined up for miles out to sea.
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