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Shezhot got new toys!!

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Awesome weekend spent at N-Tech engineering with Nick!!! :clap: He installed my Zbabe, shezhot, with Stop Tech's and a Hotchkis sway bar set.

My first track day instruction class is March 5th at Moroso Motorsport Park in Jupiter, Fl. I can't wait!! Ain't she sexy as ****!!!
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WOW, congrats those look awesome!! where did you get the brake kit from?
Congrats Pam!
Nice Pam! Looks good! :biggrin: :clap:
Hey Pam :wink: How you doin'?


The setup looks awesome! I hope you have fun and learn a lot while you're tracking your car, but most of all, be careful! :) :shiftdrive:
The brakes look great.
The sways will make big difference.
What setting did you put them on?
OKay, I got the kit and sways from N-Tech Engineering in Winter Haven, Florida:

Nick does all my work, owns his own Daytona Blue (he's a sponsered racer and instructor), and is a member of the club I belong to:

As for the track, yes....I will be very careful and listen to all my instructions well! THANKS everyone for the concern! I'm very excited about having a place to get my racing fix cured!

The sway setting is middle (medium) on the front. And light (last) on rear. Nick uses first (hardest setting) for his race Z and decided since my Z was more for street these would work best.

Hi Buddy!!
Nice set up there Pam...congratulations and have a blast at the track.
Awesome Pam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoo HOOO :wave: Man I am jealous!!!!! Have a great time at the track!!!! :shiftdrive:
Sweet. You must feel great with all the toys and anticipating upcoming events. I'm so jealous. My track events don't start until mid April. I'm only going to upgrade my lines, pads, and fluids.
Pam, everything looks great! :clap:
I got the Hotchkis myself and have loved the improvements that these bars have provided. I would recommend purchasing a set of collars to hold the bars in place to prevent movement. If you're interested just post and I'll find the link for you.

Have fun out there! :shiftdrive:
Wow looks great !!!!

I get my Stop Tech kit BBK installed this coming Monday. I can't wait !!!!!!

WOW! Nice work. It great to see another outstanding member taking their Z to another level. Your intelligent approach to future Track activies is the absolutely best way to go.

Enjoy your new toys, drive safe, and please give us any updates on your road to Track Day with Sheezzzzzzzzzzhot!
Looks great Pam! The silver was a good color choice. What pads are you planning on using? Did Nick talk you into his cooling ducts?

Have fun on the track!
My choices came from Nick as far as what to do first to ensure a safe track experience. As for collars, the sways came with hardware and lubricant. Nick assured me that this would be sufficient and noise wouldn't be an issue.

As for cooling ducts, he never mentioned it. I have pads that came from Stop Tech and I bought racing pads for track day. I will have my fluids changed and lines flushed the day before the track event; and at that time the new pads will be put in as well.

I wanted the red kit, but decided that silver would best enhance my Z's looks....Nick suggested the color change. I'm happy with it, looks so gooood!!

Hey, those settings on the sways will cause a little more understeer, which should suit for your first track day.
Better to be safe than sorry.

As your confidence grows (and that may even happen on the day) you may like to adjust them towards a more neutral set-up.

Remember, whatever end you shorten the link (moving closer to the inner holes) it will cause more grip to the other side.

Good luck!
Hey Pam, nice setup. I am glad to see you went with the stoptechs. Good choice. Have fun when you track your car and let us know how the brakes work out for you.
Thanks Mickey & ZXrage....I'll keep that in mind. And I'll post my track day experience soon as I get back.

I used the brakes at the train track last night...what a stop! LOL
I just got my Hotchkis sways installed as well...havent driven with them yet (car is garaged for winter)... Hope you like them, let me know how your settings are, I use my car on the street as well as the track so hopefully the settings your using will work out fine (I'm using middle-setting on both bars).

Good Job! :yourock:
You go!

Great to see ladies modding. My wife, Karen, just built a 350 chevy motor for our '72 Jag. (Runs great!)

We'll be lookin for that Z next time we're in Sebastian fishing.
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