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Well, took my Z to the dealer for my 7500 mile checkup this morning. In addition to the oil change/check up, I wanted to ask them to check the tire wear as I've started to hear a low pitched roar when breaking at moderate speeds. I felt a little cautious asking them to check, figuring that they would BS me around and say the wear was minimal and nothing needed to be done, regardless of the recent TSB on the matter.

To my surprise, I was called later in the afternoon and told by the service manager that there was some moderate wear on the front wheels and all 4 tires would be ordered and changed Monday and the proper toe-in adjustment would be done to avoid this from happening again.

The diagnosis was done quickly and the fact that I didn't have to argue to get something done was much appreciated. Seems like some customers haven't been this fortunate with tire wear concerns when they approached their dealer. Just wanted everyone to know.
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