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We finished the installation of twin 60-1 hi-fis on our Speed Force Racing 350Z this weekend. We finished all of our fixtures so we can manufacture this newest version of our kit too :) Price for this turbo system is set at $7795.We ended up using our equal length headers we were using on our original kit. The goal behind this new set-up was to have enough airflow for 1000WHP! All of the turbos available that fit on these cars do not have this potential so we decided to build the turbo kit of all turbo kits.This required the use of two of these 60-1 hi-fi turbos(plus Turbonetics helped out so it was an easy choice to make).We have room for twin GT35R turbos but it will require some cutting and grinding to make them fit.We will hopefully release a kit down the road with those turbos.

So the basic system consists of-
304SS equal length headers(321 is an option)
twin 38mm Tial or 35mm Turbonetics Evolution wastegates with copper gaskets
twin 60-1 hi-fis(you can basically get a number of configurations of this T3-T4 hybrid if you dont want them this big)
2.5" 304SS downpipes
2" and 3" equal length aluminuim charge pipes
2.75" aluminum intake pipes
silicon hoses and stainless clamps
K&N airfilters
Massive Spearco intercooler(the G gets two)
440cc injectors
Split Second FTC fuel and timing controller(the same unit Vortech uses)
Walboro 255 fuel pump
Godzilla blow-off valve
Mocal oil pump, oil return lines and fittings
Oil pan spacer with oil drain
3-an stainless oil feed lines
Thermotec Heat insulation
Stainless hardware,etc.....

Basically this system is capable of 1000+WHP.You will need to upgrade your injectors and fuel system beyond what we supply with the basic system.However, we have all the parts you need to build a 1000WHP fuel system.You could also put this system on a completely stock car and build your motor,heads,fuel system at a later time.The nice thing is that the turbos,wastegates,etc.... do not need to be upgraded to make insane amounts of power.

So we dynoed the car at 8.5 psi, on 91 octane pump gas, in 95F weather.Results were 439 hp and 449 ft/lbs at the wheels on a Dyno Dynamics dyno.What is real nice is that this has the most massive torque curve I have seen yet, from any turbo system.428 ft/lbs from 4000 to redline :OMG:

Down the road we will be testing it with our SFR sleeved short block,stage 3 cylinder heads,JWT cams,etc......... and see if a VQ35 can make power like the 2JZ

So here are some pictures and a video clip.Enjoy.


[email protected]
2003' SFR Feralady Z twin-turbo
SFR Dual 3" HKS Carbon Ti exhaust
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