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Selling My 03 Track

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17,400 Miles
18" foged Wheels
Brembo Brakes

Im buying a 2nd home, need to lower my back end ratio. This car blue books for over 28K, someone who is an expert, please tell me what I should be looking to get, I'm going to list it in the autotrader friday.

Will post pics soon, its basically a stock track with the Navigation and the upgraded paint. Perfect Condition, drives like a me at [email protected] if interested
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I agree that the price varies GREATLY in different cities.

If you really need to sell quickly, I would list it at something around $26,500 and take the first offer for $26k even.

If you think you can get more, list it higher. But in my experience it could take months before people start to bite at the higher price.
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