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Well this week I had the opportunity to instruct for the practical side of the our bi annual SAE class that is taught by Mr. James Walker. James is involved in product testing and design with StopTech as well as currently working for Delphi. He is a ABS and braking specialist, as well as fellow automotive enthusiast.

There were a lot of very interesting clients, but for the most part, I'm posting because I had the honor of meeting Radovan Vucelic, Group Project Engineer at Nismo / Nissan Tech. Center NA. Good friends with the legendary Nissan tuner & writer, Mike Kojima. Mike writes for many magazines such as Turbo and SCC to name a few. And of course is known across the industry as a successful tuner and all around good guy. :)

I asked about a few things that I recall people wondering about on the forum recently. Nismo has no official plans for any FI kit for the Z33. I mentioned about the 06 weighing in at ~150lb heavier from last year also. So I'll have an explanation hopefully soon for the added weight if it is correct.

IF anyone has any LEGITIMATE questions, feel free to ask and I'll relay them to the right avenue. Radovan was very interested in my Z33 and was pleased to hear comments and suggestions for future projects. I just felt kinda bad that I didn't have a lick of Nismo on the car..

Also, I was involved in some vehicle testing such as Emergency reaction / threshold braking. We measured the results in car, and I'm VERY pleased to say that we captured higher g's and quicker stopping than the Porsche GT3 that my co-worker drives. :irock:

Just wanted share this experience and put out the offer for tech. advice.

Other interesting notes.. I had a gentleman from Toyota in car for the week. I of COURSE had to ask about the mysterious next gen Supra. I was told that there is no plans. HOWEVER, the Lexus 'supercar' is scheduled for release. This is a 100k+ car. Hopefully the Supra plans aren't gone forever.
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