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Ok I couldnt be stuffed explaining the whole thing so here is the quick version. The time frame is over a month and I showed them all the problems so they would know what I was talking about each time.

EDIT: Added a few more steps. Forgot about the specialist part.
EDIT: Added some more steps on the end.

1. Fifth gear broke, clutch noise, loud creek noise weight shifts and grease on windows
2. Take it to Nissan
3. Ryde Nissan take is apart and Nissan Aust tell them to wait for a specialist to come out and see it.
4. Pick up the car
5. Wait two weeks till specialist can come
6. Take it back to Nissan
7. Specialist checks it out and says its stuffed, Nissan Replace Gearbox, Clutch and Fix Noises
8. Pick up car after a week
9. Grease and loud creek still there, I get locked out of fifth and I can shift into reverse without pushing down on the gearstick.
10. Take it back to Nissan
11. Nissan fix fifth gear and reverse, grease on windows and loud noise
12. Pick up the car
13. Loud creek still there.
14. Leave it at Nissan
15. Few days later, Nissan ring me and tell me they cant fix it.
16. I pick up the car and tell them if I get the noise fixed and its Nissan related then they will have a problem on their hands as I paid $66K for this car.
17. Noise is obviously still there and the handbrake cant hold the car still on basically flat road, and window rattles.
18. Take it back to Nissan to fix the handbrake, they said they can tighten the handbrake in 15mins
19. Wait 1.5hours!, miss work and warewell drinks and hand brake is VERY hard to lift. Rattles and Creek noise still there so will have to take it to someone who knows what they are doing.
20. I will now be formatting a letter to Nissan Australia about the morons at Ryde Nissan.
21. Loud vibrational rattling, can be heard from 10m away from the car while it is moving. I thought the suspension was going to fall apart, turns out if I lift the handbrake while driving the noise goes away, so is the SECOND HANDBRAKE PROBLEM CREATED by the guys at Nissan, there was nothing wrong with my handbrake when I first took the car there. Also grease has returned!
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Murray - my car came from Ryde - the took me on the customary walk around the service area - was patently clear after just a few words with a couple of the people - all hype and would be lucky to carry out a basic service without dramas.

Made an instant decision to service elsewhere - and that bullsh#t "extended warranty" further sealed my adverse opinion of them.

Never been back.

You better come up here for satisfaction - H and I very satisfied.



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Bill, You actually considered getting your Zed serviced in Sydney? I cant see myself driving up the coast for warranty claims.

FYI I dont get it serviced at Nissan as I know they have no idea. I take it to Peter because hes been working on 350z since before they were released in this country. Im going to take it to him to get fixed.

Who do you use?
Murray - yes, I would have gone to Ryde if I thought it worthwhile - but at Harry's recommendation I tried Kloster Nissan here in Ncle - I wasn't all that happy with the other Nissan dealer here and had been getting my fleet contractor to do it.

Trouble is that the warranty issues were getting severe (tyre roar) and I needed the facility of the dealership.

So far they haven't been able to do enough for me - even raised the matter of the tyre issue when he finally located a TSB on it, and went to no end of trouble to accommodate me in that I wanted 245's front and rear for the purpose of rotation and to assist with minimisation of understeer/turn-in lag.
BTW, the new alignment settings are a bit "wooley" compared with original. I think that i'll return to the original "with feel" settings and just rorate (F to R) to minimise the feathering, 'till I change tyres.

FRIZZ :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
I'm starting to get fed up with Nissan and my dash rattles.

I might just ask Nissan for a breakdown of EVERYTHING they do at service, and then tell them what I don't want them to do.

When my rotors die (and they're looking bad) I'm getting DBA slotted. The DS2500's are going in when these OEM pads wear out. I might flush the transmission (and possibly brake) fluids with Motul as well.

After this, what else is there that they do in a service?
I edited the post as I forgot about another two weeks of stuffing around before they got the ok to replace the gearbox.
Had some more fun at Ryde Nissan added few more points on the end.

I was planning to take my Zed to Ryde as I still have the window grease marks, and the tyre roar.

I tried Randwick last year and i've been reluctant to visit a dealer ever since.

Now I'm definitly NOT going to both going to Ryde... might go to Newcastle.
Stay clear.

Ive got a another step to add since today.

21. Loud vibrational rattling, can be heard from 10m away from the car while it is moving. I thought the suspension was going to fall apart, turns out if I lift the handbrake while driving the noise goes away, so is the SECOND HANDBRAKE PROBLEM CREATED by the guys at Nissan, there was nothing wrong with my handbrake when I first took the car there. Also grease has returned!

Zuffy, Dont risk letting any Nissan person touch the grease, after they have opened the door they could scratch your interior and you could drive away with a new rattle from inside the door like I now have.


Zuff, Can you add number 21 to my original list, i'll need the list when writing to Nissan and anyone else I think would like to know.
Guys - I normally don't endorse any dealerships, but I must say that McGrath Nissan in Sutherland have fixed all my problems, except for a few minor intermittent rattles from the dash - I can't ask them to fix something that I cannot demonstrate to them.
I have had my diff and a power window replaced and they have worked fine since the repair. They did scratch the tint during the replacement of the power window, so they replaced the tint (lifetime warranty). They also got rid of the grease streak, but unfortunately it came back - I will live with this as I don't know if there is a permanent fix for this.
They also pulled all the rear facia covers off the Z to fix an annoying rattle and I have not noticed it since. Had the seat squeak fixed twice as the 1st time it didn't work but is ok now.
All in all, it loks like MCGrath Nissan has a better strike rate than other dealers, even if they are not 100% perfect.
MURRAY - if you'd stop taking to your car with a sledge hammer daily, you might have a chance!

Shite - i've gone past 45000k and only really had minors (except for the tyre roar).

Don't ask me for a lend of my car! You must be jinxed!

Hey mate its not me its the guys at Nissan! They took everything apart to try to find that noise etc and they clearly dont know what they are doing.

Nissan tried over a couple days on serveral occasions and could not fix the loud creek noise.

I took it to Peter and he fixed the problem in ~1hour.

This is the diference when someone knows what they are doing.

Thanks you very much Peter! (Sports Car International).
Glad all sorted out for you :)
Same when i do the Service i brought my own oil and Nissan Still charge me AU$150 for service.

I took mine to Melbourne Z Specialist, Good bloke, charged me AU$50 including thight the A/C belt and Oil Filter. and change my oil for me. no Drama.
Me too, that noise sounded very ugly, you pull up next to people and try to drive off and you get this loud creek that can be heard from several meters from the car. It does not create a pleasant image of your car.

I still need to go back to Nissan to fix the two other noises they created. I didnt ask Peter to fix these as Nissan created them so they can fix them. I'm going to try to get them to pay me for Peters work and to replace the centre arm rest as its scratched from their work on the car.
LOL same with me when i have the Lighten Flywheel. the Rattling sound when pulling up is sound bad and loud :p
Yeah I didnt purchase that modification because of the noise. Do you still have it on your car? I dont see it in your sig so i'll assume you've since removed it.
Yes i have removed it, i can't stand the rattling Noise. BUt the Lighten Flywheels does made a huge different on driving though.
i've got a Nismo flywheel and is rarely gets noisy... The guys who checked it out at last meeting were surprised.

We had to have windows down and really listen for it to know it was there.
I drove in Zuffy's car and he had to try quiet hard to make it noise. I also drove it myself and downchanging the gears was a lot faster and smoother. It also didn't jerk the car if the rev matching wasn't 100%. It's a very worthwhile mod.
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