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I would like all input including constructive criticism.

My modding project is to replace the stock 2004 projector lens with an aftermarket projector lens, similar (i use this term loosely) to the style in the 2006-2008 models. I have an extra halogen type headlight so I figured, lets experiment.

Here is what I have done. Pictures included.

I started this write-up/tutorial after I have removed the lens cover and with all lights and harnesses removed. There are write-ups out there that tell you how to remove the lens.

This headlight already had some modding done to it and it was used, so it was perfect for this experiment.

1. This is what the headlight first looks like out of the oven.

2. The projectors I decided to use for this project were cheap $25.00 Ultra White Series fog lights from autozone. (if I am happy with the results, i will get better lights) I went with these lights because of how easy it is to break the light completely down and if I screw them up, I have not lost that much investment.

3. The only problem with these lights is the lens itself has a yellow coating. So, what I had to do was replace the actual lens with the one from the 350Z projector. Hear is what I did. I first took apart the fog lights and removed the lens.

4. Next, I had to remove the projector from the 350Z headlight. The removal of the projector is not all that hard. There are two screws indicated with arrows that have to be removed. After I removed the two screws, the projector slides out easy.

5. I took out all the parts of the headlight; the 2 reflectors (upper and lower) and the projector

6. Removing the bottom reflector is a little bit tricky. I had to turn the adjustment knobs counterclockwise, alternating between the two until the reflector is loose.

7. I removed the two screws that allow the reflector to move when you adjust them. This is a little difficult. I used a small diameter phillips head screw driver. I had to twist the reflector until I could remove each screw. Once the screws were removed I then removed the bottom reflector.

Notice in the picture that the top part of the reflector has been cut. I did this to allow room for the new projector.

8. I removed the 2 screws of the 350z projector at the bottom to separate the projector into 2 parts.

9. Now I removed the lens. I used a small phillips screwdriver for this and remove the two screws holding the lens in place.

10. I replaced the amber fog light lens with the 350z lens and reassembled the fog light projector.

11. Next I began working on the reflector to accommodate the new projector. I had to cut the top part out so the projector would fit. I also drilled a hole so the new projector will have something to mount to. The fog lights came with mounting brackets, so I used those to mount the lights.

I then reassembled the light (minus the lens) and tada, here is what it looks like. At the time of writing this, I didn't have any 12V source to connect the light to, to show the results, but when I connect it to a battery, I will be sure to post results.

You will notice that in the last picture there are 4 holes, these were where the 350z projector were mounted. If and when I decided to commit to this project, I will use 4 5mm LEDs in the holes and I will use better parts. Like I said, this is experimenting.

Why am I doing this? What is wrong with the OEM projector? Because I want to and there is nothing wrong with the OEM projectors, just trying to be different.
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