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[REQUEST] 350Z clutch pedal too high 4 me!

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Hiya guys:

I've been driving Nissan 280-->300 manual trannies (and nothing else) since 1986. After I traded my 300z93TT away I got a 350Z enthusiast coupe '05 just ast week. The clutch is bothering me... a lot! I actually stalled out at after a full stop uphill today: major shame! If I don't rev high rpms it is risky catching 1st gear.

I'm no mechanic, but it seems like the pedal must be let up quite high-up before the clutch releases and there's engagement of gear. My thigh and hip (knee?) don't seem to have the same degree of fine control over small increments of depression when they're all flexed up... not like when they're more extended. I pride myself on smooth shifting -or have done until this week!

Is there a way to have the clutch pedal adjusted so the critical zone of transition is closer to the floor? (Sorry abt my terminology here!)
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Hey from Oz!
I know what you mean. I have had my car for about two months now & I can say that I am now used to the clutch. It bothered me at first & I actually got a sore leg for a while, mind you I had not driven a manual for 10 yrs!
All I can say is that you will get used to it.
I believe that you should be able to change the friction point of the clutch engagement with flywheel just as you can on any other manual tranny.
See your local mechanic, or someone else on the board should be able to help.
Welcome to the wonderful world of the Zed!!!
6'2" here, I can relate...I love the car so much that I will live with it, with a smile....Sorry, I don't have an answer to your question but, with my luck, next year they will offer ajdustable pedals.....Dave
Clutch Adjustment

Here's your solution!

Hope it helps!

Let me know how it works for you.
I just did it and it WORKS! I did find an easier way, we do not have to remove the fork from the Clutch pedal, once the pin has been removed and the locking screw has been loosen, you can turn the medal rod that goes into the clutch master cylinder, just be careful how far you turn it.

Hey, Naples, Thanks for posting to the question and Thanks for the hopeful chance of "an easier way" !

I am no mechanical genius: just a handy guy who prefers to do for himself whenever possible (but not irresponsibly ambitious !) I bear in mind that this is very possibly an adjustment my dealer would do for free...BUT
1) there is nothing as *convenient* as DIY ( if it isn't a huge project!)
2) There's no better expert than Me on what *I'd* find to be a comfortable clutch adjustment. So- unless I stay at the shop while the "repair" is done so I can give feedback (& I don't guess that's a really practical plan) -- the best chance of my ending up comfortable with the clutch is the trial 'n' error incremental adjustment, with my own comfort & satisfaction as the absolute criterion!

I don't have lifts, but I little flexible guy (5'9" 150#) so I suppose I can squeeze in under the dash as well as any.

Please, Naples...PLEASE give me the details of youreasier and successful technique?
Thanks a lot!
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As I stated in my post, the link says that you should remove the fork from the pedal, but I found that all we have to do is loosen the lock nut and then turn the rod that goes though the firewall.

Once I loosen the nut the rod turns very easily by hand. Be careful not to turn the rod to much. I made the change yesterday and IT REALLY made a difference!
It will take about ten seconds to adjust.

How many revolutions did you turn it? Also, does the cruise control still work?
I am not sure how many turns I did, I would guess around four or five. I then tried it and felt that I should turn it back a turn or two. I did have to adjust the Cruse control switch. Took about 5 sec.

PS I REALLY love the new spell checker! For someone who is not a good spell it is a godsend!
"I did have to adjust the Cruse control switch. " -Naples

It took a few minutes, so it couldn't be all that difficult (unless you have 3 hands with 6 fingers apiece, but too modest to mention it). But it might be hard if we don't know just what to do!

Before I do it, I'd like to imagine it in what I facetiously refer to as "my Mind" .
Would you please tell us briefly how did you do the cruise control switch adjustment ? And -please remember: I'm really, really dummm.
Read the same link that he did that I already posted above. All the information you need is in there.

Clutch Adjustment
The adjustment to the Cruse control switch is very easy. The switch is located just above the pivot point of the Clutch Pedal. The top of the pedal pushes in a little pin that is in the center of the switch. When the pin is fully out the switch will NOT let the Cruse Control turn on (for safety). Sometimes when the clutch is adjusted the pedal does not go fully up to the switch. All you have to do is loosen the switch's lock nut and turn the switch until once again the little pin is pushed in when the clutch pedal is released. NOTE: You can turn the switch a few turns without removing the plug but be careful not to pull the wires out.
I'm 6'0" and I've had my Z for about two years and I absolutely hate the clutch. It would be great to be about two inches further away from the pedal.
Well I thank you and Bob again...I'm keeping the info so I will do the deed as soon as the temp is over freezing in my garage.

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