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I've had some pioneers components laying around so i swapped them out. They sound so much better than factory! I've decided to also relocated my navigation box because whoever installed it didnt even bother to hide it.


This is what im relocating.

Didnt take pics before, but during

I decided that i'm not going to use the rear OEM sub so i unbolted the bracket.

Take the rest out

Connect the speaker

Test the speaker


And.. start puttin things back!

Then i decided that the nav box was an eyesore, it was just behind the seat

thought i'd put it under the glove box


Pops out

Theres empty unused space there

Start disconnecting

See where it'll mount

rerun the wires


clears fine

Puttin everything back

and done!

I put my sub amp where the original OEM subwoofer would go.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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