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Replace body parts

1083 Views 9 Replies 5 Participants Last post by  spkeehan being the newb that I am, I pulled in too far into a parking spot and bumped the front bumper on a high curb. Of course, being awesome plastic, the frnt bumper (underneath the grill) cracked. Almost in half. Other than that little boo-boo, my car looks great. I am wondering....because my car is so new....would replacing that bumper be OK (As far as matching the color, etc)?

How much would that cost, anyway? (roughly) Where would I get that? much would it cost me to replace the panel inside the car that surrounds the gear shift (you know, where the instrument panel is for the heat, cold, etc)?

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!
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I don't know how much that piece would be, but I can tell you any part for the Z is not cheap. As far as paint, I suggest going to a shop that is very reputable in the area, my nissan dealer couldn't even match the brickyard, we had to go somewhere else.....

What did you do to the instument panel???? Is it damaged or do you want to replace it w/ something else like CF???
The instrument still looks good, however I just notice there is some very very minor surface scuff.... It may even come off with a good detailing, but I want to look for a replacement anyway. What's a CF?
lmao....I would have said Cluster FU*K just to mess with him for a while.
Well, I'm not THAT much of a newb.

But seriously.....where can I find carbon fiber stuff for the Z?

Anyone have ideas for what colors to use on a Silver model with a Black/grey interior?
I would go with black. I've seen some nice setups on silver with the black CF.

Try here:


OK...just so I don't go spending money here....but...are the OEM finishers the actual parts? Like....what would I order if I wanted to replace the center console part that surrounds the shifter (you know...the grey plastic housing that you have to lift to get into the guts of the dash for stereo installations)?
That's a good question w/o the pic. It sounds like that from the description, but one never knows. Too bad they don't attach a pic with that item for sale. The good thing is that you can always return it for a refund or exchange. Best thing to do is call them up.
Word. I'll give it a shot...Thanks. :irock:
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