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removing catalytic converter

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my 350Z is "stock" - South African specs.

need some input:

by removing the catalytic converter, will I gain any improved performance? how much?

is it detrimental to the car in any way?

is it worth it? cost wise?

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Removing the stock cats for high flows or resonated test pipes is one of the best mods you can go with for the Z. That paired with a plenum is a great combo. It doesnt really hurt the car in anyway. Very worth it cost wise as it can easily be done for under $400
I did it and replaced them with straight test pipes. Nothing wrong so far, and my butt dyno really feels the punch in the higher rpm's. Like Dave said, it's a great way to improve the performance of the Z.
I've been meaning to pull the trigger on this... can you guys suggest any good and cost effective products? I don't want raspiness if it can be avoided.. not doin this to SOUND fast lol
I have the Helix, but most people don't like the sound of them. I like them because it SOUNDS like I'm at the track hangin' with open-wheeled racecars....hehe...
The only option right now is the kinetix resonated test pipes if you do not want the raspy sound. Otherwise there are a ton of straight pipes to choose from, and a few high flow cats.

On my 04 i cannot get the chech engine light to stay off though. I have reset the ECU several times, but still not go.
I have the R/T cats. No rasp. They flow the most next to straight pipes, but without the smell of straight pipes. Great fittment and NO engine lights.
Go with Kinetix resonated test pipes
thanx for replies

does it also improve fuel economy?


can the catalytic converter be simply "cut out" and replaced by welding on straight pipes in its place?

don't have emission yet in South Africa

It can be just cut out I guess and add pipes but will sound horrible
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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