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I was playing around with the Bose settings last night and noted that when I put the sound to rear left I heard nothing at all. All other speakers were fine except for the rear right which appeared to be a little weaker than the fronts. However from searching I understand that the rear speakers are 32ohm and front 4ohm so I should expect them to be a little quieter.

From the threads I've read the issue could be the speaker coil (speaker replacement) or potentially the harness within the HU itself which I read a great DIY on the UK site.

Which would be the easiest one to test out first? Are there any other issues I haven't found via search? Is it typical of these common problems to only affect 1 speaker?

I'll be taking it to my audio shop but I'd tell them about common problems to hopefully save them some time and me some labout cost :)
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