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Readjust the ECU?

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Should I some how get my ECu adjusted after aftermarket parts that are suppose toenhance my Z's performance?
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What kind of mods are you talking about? If you are talking about exhaust or intake and the likes you should be OK. You can do a few things, disconnect your battery cables for a few hours and reconnect, or do nothing. The ECU should reset itself. I got a few warning codes thrown at me for like a week *check engine light was on* but it went away, I figure it was the ecu adjusting to the better breathing. Hope that helps.
i would wait until some good ECU options come out, the Technosquare unit IMO is not all that great
Like Jaysen said the only real ECU mod is Technosquare which is around $500 or so. It adjusts your cars ECU to the mods that you currently have, raises the rev limiter to 7200, and does away with your speed limiter.
I believe Altere Atmosphere also does the reflash of the ECU..or you could wait until the Uni-Chip comes out..
whatever happened to Vishnu doing the ECU?
Technosquare: $595
Altered Atmos: $500

Same technology, you do the math :D

I just got the Apexi S-AFC II... :doghouse:

Still $220.00 new is a good price. You can do some minor changing of fuel maps with this unit...not as pricey as a reflash, & the car's not down for with the TS reflash.

What mods have you done? Intake & exh improve AIRFLOW....but not fuel. See Daking's thread "why you need to go to a return-type fuel sys."
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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