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You will find the members of this forum will go to great lengths to assist you with your problems. To make the most of your post, please follow these rules when creating a new thread.

1. Use a Descriptive Subject Line. When creating a thread, use a subject line that is related to you’re problem. Such as "Car is running hot when in traffic" as opposed to the non-descriptive "Need HELP!" or "Oh Noez! OMFG My car is fuxord!"
2. Provide the Details. Describe exactly what the symptoms are and the situation under which the problem occurred.
3. Provide Feedback. This is the most important step. Many members post a question. They get responses from several members, and are never heard from again. Please let us know what the final outcome of the problem was. Eventually somebody else will have the same issue, and it greatly helps the community at large if we know what works and what doesn't.

Finally, if your vehicle is still under warranty, take it to the dealership. Even if it is something simple you can fix yourself, it is much better to have the incident on your service record. It could be indispensable if you and Nissan should ever get into a debate about the care and maintenance of your vehicle.

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