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I am seller "350zmods" on ebay. Here is my listing. Minimum bid is $1,750, but reserve is higher.

Super lightweight 18" Rays forged alloy wheels from '03 350Z Track model. 18" x 8" front; and 18" x 8.5" rear. Mounted with nearly new (less than 1000 miles) Bridgestone S-03 Pole Position Tires, size 225/45/18 front; and 255/45/18 rear. Also included are mounted stock tire pressure sensors,and 20 original 21mm polished lug nuts.

These wheels were not on the car at the time of the collission, and are nearly perfect. There are a couple of very slight abrasions on the lip of 2 of the wheels, which you won't even notice unless you are a complete perfectionist.

Purchasing these wheels from a Nissan dealer is incredibly expensive. One front wheel costs $1,430 !!! So the whole set new with the S-03s and California sales tax would be over $7,000.

I can only ship to United States or Canada.


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