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Rattle when car turned off

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First off my car is brand new (1500 miles) build date 6/04. No mods. When I turn my car off it makes this rattle noise that seems to be coming from underneath the car. Anyone experience this?
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Is it a rattle or is it the sound of the car cooling off?
no its not the cooling off. It rattles when the engine is turning off, then its silent.
i hate dealerships!! mines got to go in tomorrow some time
All 350Z's ahave this noise and even the G35 coupe... I think it's coming from the fly wheel. went to the dealer.. no solution it comes with the car.
Every Z I have been in does this. Like was said, I think it comes form the flywheel.
O ok, because i was reading up on this and most of the people who experience Tranny problems also grind while switching gears and even hear a rattle when idiling. Mine just rattles when i turn my car off.

I'm still gonna get the extended warrany just in case.
Its normal, I get it when I start the car and pull the clutch too fast too.
I took my '04 to the dealer for the exact problem. They said that it was normal and that they heard the same noise on a brand new Z that was in the lot. I guess it doesn't really bug me since I only really hear it if I have the windows open and then turn off the car.
Not sure if this is the same noise, but try this:

Start car, open drivers door, put car in neutral and let clutch out. Turn off car and you'll hear a sound like marbles rolling around in the transmission.

I brought mine into the dealer last week for that and they checked new Zs on the lot and said it's normal.
Definitely normal. I thought mine was a problem too. It's just the flywheel from what I have heard. Mine makes a sound when shutting it off with the clutch out and the car in neutral, and makes a less noticable sound when it's idling in neutral with the clutch out. There isn't anything you can do about it.

Also, mine does this, but I have had no problems with grinding gears or transmission problems.
I got my Z last month and the first thing I noticed was this rattle noise when cruising in low speed or when turning off the car. Only noticeable with the window down or when you are paying attention to it, but annoyed me so I took to the dealer and they said it was normal.
The noise is gone if I bring the rpms above 1100 and launch from there and there is no noise in iddle.
its from the flywheel, i have that, and i simply just clutch in everytime i turn off the car, marbles go bye-bye.
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