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Hey all it’s me back again with my stupid rattle issue on my 2004 350Z 6MT. I’ve done some more digging and this is what I’ve found.

It’s and intermittent rattle from what I believe is the engine bay when under load from 2500-3000 rpm.

We’ve determined it only occurs when the car is up to temperature and NOT when cold.

We cannot reproduce the sound in neutral by revving the motor.

There is no rattle upon cold start from the engine like videos have shown online about the primary tensioner being bad

My mechanic was super busy when he had my car so didn’t have too much time to look into the car however he pulled my spark plugs and said they looked good as well as having hooked his scanner up to the car and said when the noise occurs the car is not pulling/retarding timing at all. Car does have the correct oil pressure according to my gauge when under load and the oil has never ever dropped as I constantly check it daily (yes I know I’m a bit overkill when it comes to this).

Car is bone stock motor wise apart from a k&n cold air intake and throttle body spacer which came on the car.

This is a similar video which I have found on YouTube of a g35 having the same issue with no resolution.

Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks all!
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