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I want to raise the driver's seat a bit.

I find that the little tweeter (?) and the rear-view mirror dangerously obscure vision to the right.

I guess a square box tube in aluminium mounted to the floor might be a possibility - but does anybody have experience or suggestions?

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Frizzle - start acting your age and put a cushion on the seat :jk:
JELLY - if I was to act me age, i'd be limited to a walker with chrome wheels !


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In that case, mount those milo tins on the walker above the chromies for more bling effects :thumbsup:
Shizzle, why dont you put your wallet in your pocket!

As always

You could probaly use the tubing from the Zimmer frame to boost the seat height.

But on a serious note ring Revolution Racegear and see if they have anything off the shelf that may help you out. Saves you cutting up the Zimmer :biggrin:
Frosty use a pillow like all geriatrics!

:rotflmao: :rolf2:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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