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Radar/laser detector-Jamers .. lets hear it.

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Who hase one?? What brand, how much and how would you rate them? I would also like to know is anyone aware of any RD, that can "hide" from the latest "STALCAR" RD-Ds the NSW coppers got reacently???

PS: A funny story, on the New yars eve i was driving with a friend trough town, and for some reason (sometimes you just feal like) i took very sharp turn into street intersecting HWY, i was on... and in the proces I "might' *cough* have cut the double line with left side of my car. :shiftdrive:
Next thing i know, a very familiar set of flashing lights is behind me... oh crap i think to my self, 7 years of perfect driving record down the drain. Coper walks out knocks on the window,
COP: "Sir why did you feel it was necessary to drive in that manner"
ME: Ammm aaaa mmmm But mmmm aaaaaa .......*silence*
COP: "The dangerous driving offence would cost you $285 and you would loose 6 points, that means you will have your licence suspended for three months"
ME: :oops: *silent*
COP: "I think you need to find a better place to test the capabilty of your vhiecle sir, this is not the right place, have happy new year"
ME: Thank you officer, happy new year.

Just to show not all Cops are A****
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Haven't used one of those things for years. I always drive in a manner that is within the law! cough!
Seriously, asking for trouble (especially in NSW) using a detector.
Woping big fine to be had these days.
Good luck.
Nice New Years story. Unfortunately 80% of cops give the good 20% a bad name!! LOL

I use a Bel 995 detector (they're legal in WA) Very good warning against car mounted radars. Good enough warnings on speed camera's if traffic is about and near to know warning with laser guns - no detector can give you a good enough warning on these unless the cop is a useless "shot" as a laser is "instant on" and therefore provides no warning.

On my research there are only 2 detectors worth getting and that's the Bel 995 or escort/passports 8500

Both about $350-$400 from e-bay.

As mickeyboy said though - asking for trouble anywhere outside of WA
Dont forget about the Valentine 1. That and the Escort Passport 8500 X2 are the two best that most anyone would agree on. At least here in the States. I love my V1
Thank your lucky stars.
Escort makes a lazer jammer that has been confirmed to work very well.

Radar jammers are illegal in the states since the interfere with radio frequencies (i think a fedarl law)
1/1/05 me too! Same warning. Cop gave me this:

(Radar detector was ON. Cops radar was OFF.)


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lol "Way Too Cool Vehicle"

I have been pulled over on that a few times
LMAO, be glad he didnt ticket you for way too cool vehicle, I heard the fines are huge!
This is my take on radar detectors and jammers.

I know that most of you already know what is best out there. You want to find a reputable radar detector that has multiple kinds of detection and 360 degree protection. A good website to find an independent test on all brands is It is unbiased with its tests and here is a link to the 2003 buyer comparison guide Comparison Test. Another website I found that has good information is, unfortunately, it seems to be biased to one brand.

As for radar jammers... There are two types, active and passive. The first one is illegal and can land you in jail. Here is a good website with info about it Active Jammers . As for the second type, passive jammers are a bunch of crap. They don't work even after people have done numerous tests, it is still proven they are crap. Don't buy them and save your money. Here is the write up on passive jammers Passive Jammers.

Good luck, I went with the Valentine 1, it is considered the best detector and once you buy it you have a lifetime guarantee. Also, you can get free upgrades if they change the technology so you can always be current with the times.
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A good website to find an independent test on all brands is It is unbiased
:nono: Everything I've ever heard says that site is biased, including plenty of WRONG info on the V1, which leads me to believe in the supposed bias. For example,
there's no auto mute
Nor is there selectable band defeat, the ability to shut off one or more radar bands
Although they mention something about it in the next paragraph, that links to some test for you to buy.

Granted, this was a few years ago, but check out C&Ds review:

I'm actually going to do my own test, since I've got a stationary (permanent) speed sign down the road from my house, so I'm gonna get two detectors, and drive by a few times with one or the other powered up, and see what I find. I really dig the arrows on the V1 and admit they bias Me quite a bit, but I'll put up a post with some numbers when I get the test done...
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Hope to try and get you back on track here DJ777 with some more Australian content.

Here's a good website for Radar information and laws in Australia
Originally posted by Perth 350z@Jan 5 2005, 07:41 AM
Hope to try and get you back on track here DJ777 with some more Australian content.

Here's a good website for Radar information and laws in Australia

****! Looks like the majority of Australian states have laws restricting radar detector use.

Am I wrong or does it seem that Australian laws are OVERLY regulative? (too many laws?)
Yes, we have some of the most Draconian Trafic Laws in the Western world. :whip:

And thanks for the link mate, i already knew they were baned in NSW. Most of the deacent RDs are now invisible to VG2 types RDDs but to my knowledge STALCAR/SPECTRE I II III will pickup any RDs... and the nsw copers got them. The best you can do is get RD that will detect SPECTRE RDD in the area, and then yank the power cord of your RD as quickly as you can. ...

Just forget the RD issue and drive within the law, joint a car club and enjoy yourself on the track, most club's have track days once a month and this is by far the best way of getting your dose of high speed action.
Also try the weekly off street drags, here in Melb there very Friday night at the Calder Raceway, I'll be there this coming Friday. I'm not sure of what the other states have.
Originally posted by Perth 350z@Jan 5 2005, 05:41 AM
Hope to try and get you back on track here DJ777 with some more Australian content.

Here's a good website for Radar information and laws in Australia

Perth 350Z - thanks for the link. I knew that RD are illegal in NSW as I was fined driving a vehicle fitted with on many many years ago. I just checked the link out of interest and what did I find out?
That the friggen cops had fined me with the 21 day period that my brother had to hand the RD into the cops. Reading sec 5, I should not have been fined.
Worst part is that I wrote to the Police commissioner indicating this and the prick wrote back telling me to pay the fine which I did.
Now I'm going to challenge the pricks and get this fine withdrawn from my record (only blemish in 16 years of driving) and get my $800 + interest back.
Did I mention that I think the cops are pricks? ok, not all of them.
Good luck KY Let us know how you go.

It is a very informative sight and is regularly updated with the latest info and police methodology for using radar.
What is the story behind the "way too cool vehicle" in the state? Is it the law to let the coper got you even you do nothing wrong?? that's gay!

And for the use of the radar in Australia, it seems we have no luck. I think we just have to behave like a good boy on the road or in front of coper. If you guys want to do some dangerous driving, better go to the track. good luck!
LemanZ - the poster photochoped that infringement. He added the "way too cool vehicle" and appears that he was actually fined for "improper passing".

Yep, its getting harder and harder to speed on our roads without getting nailed by a fixed / mobile radar or an undercover cop.
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