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Radar detectors in the Z

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Since the Z's cigarette lighter location is inconveniently located behind the seats, how do you route your radar detector power cords?

I have a Valentine One and wanted to use it in the Z, but the dang cord is so short, it has to stretch out to reach the lighter location so I wind up with the cord going right through the middle of the cabin. Does anyone know if V1 makes longer power cords so I could route it alongside the console?

I've been thinking of buying a cordless detector to avoid this problem but it would be such a waste of money considering I already have a V1. Plus, I'm not sure if cordless detectors are even as good.
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I put mine in the cigarette lighter on the passenger side of the center console and that works good for me. I have thought about hard wiring it, but I take it down a lot so I am not sure if that would be more of a hassle.
yeah, i use the one on the passenger side as well.

I only have a cigarette lighter behind the seats, there's none on the center console. Is this something new for 2005?
:yourock: I just ran out to my car to look. I didn't even know there was a cigarette lighter there! OK, so today, I've learned there's another lighter outlet AND there's a button above your plate to pop the trunk. Thanks guys! I feel like a dumb ass.
Actually the best way to do it is to hardwire it to either the back of your cigarette lighter location or to your fuse box. That way no wires will be seen. Its how I did mine

I am working on a HOW-TO for this.. but i dont have a camera so it might be a few weeks before its posted..
I hardwired mine to the ignition.

Basically, you will need to take the underdash down beneath the steering wheel. Then take the cover off (4 screws) on the bottom of the steering wheel column. There you'll see a loom, you'll want to take an exacto knife and cut it open to expose your ignition wires. You'll want to hook up the radar detector to your accessory wire, which is the white wire with black stripes. Then use the supplied connectors and tap into that wire to connect the radar detector power wire to it. Then tape them back up, and put everything back together.


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Or you can use the hot wire up by the dome lights like I did and It turns on at ignition and shuts off when you turn the car off. Works great and its easy to get to just pull the light housing down and the wires are right there (use the one with voltage on it when you turn the car on not the one that is Hot all the time) , From there run the cable through the roof liner (about 2-3 inches)to the windshield and out and your all set! It worked great for me. EASY TOO!!!
:irock: Awesome info, thanks guys!
would like to see a write up and/or pics done up for this, since i have been playing around with doing this for my passport.
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