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Raced my old 2003 seat leon cupra R

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Ok so i had a Seat Leon Cupra R, which is basicaly a VW only the brand seat is from spain it has 225 horses powered by the 1.8T vw power plant, i had it realy moded, revo downpipe, reprogramed ecu, exhaust, h&r suspencion a lot of stuff, i dynoed it at 275 hp at the wheels , it was fast it ran a 13.80 1/4 mile, so i was driving my Z which i bought instead of the Leon, and all of a suden i see my leon with the guy that had bought it from me , so we were at a light and he reved the engine and i could hear my old blow off valve sounded great , so i got ready to race i reved the z to about 3000 so not to have so much wheel spin cause of the bad pavment, we start and he jumps infront of me by 1 car, i couldnt catch up to him up until 4 gear and passed him slowly, i felt pretty good knowing i moded my old car pretty good!! he promissed to race me later , i hope i win hahaha!!

Heres a pic of a seat leon cupra R


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That's pretty neat seeing your old car on the road w/ it's new driver!
I see my old civic on the road all the time.. however, I dont think I'd wanna race it.. lol
That's awesome!

I could race my old car any time...just don't want to race a Honda Accord :)
i hope he doesnt change the turbo for a bigger one haha cause if he does he will prob smoke me, and then i would get all pissed and i would go for FI!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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