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350z Blog

Here is my new baby she is a 2005 (05 plate) limited edition Nissan 350Z GT4 number 112/176 The car has covered 34,500 miles and has full service history. During the winter the car has been sorn and stored away.

The GT4 model was a limited run of 176 cars (100 in kuro black and 76 in ultra yellow). It has the more powerful rev up engine and also limited edition GT4 18” alloy wheels. It has the GT pack which includes full leather interior, heated electric seats, upgraded Bose stereo and cruise control.

The car is Immaculate both inside and out. It has received a full detail by hand every 3 months and is washed and waxed on a weekly basis using high quality products. The alloys are in brand new condition having been replaced by Nissan in 2010 under warranty due to some slight corrosion. The new alloys have been waxed and sealed to prevent this from occurring again. The car runs on Falken 452 tyres all round, the rears were replaced in 2010

In terms of modifications,
The car has a Nismo aero kit which was professionally fitted. The aero kit consists of a Nismo V2 front bumper with carbon lip, Nismo side skirts and rear spats and a carbon Nismo rear spoiler.
Also fitted is a Mastergrade carbon roof
carbon Nismo B-pillars,
carbon wing mirror covers,
MYO6 LED rear lights,
JWT cold air intake,
plenum spacer
Ferodo DS2500 brake pads.
Eibach wheel spacers all round
Lowered on Eibach pro lowering springs

Also fitted to the car is the much rare and sought after Nismo exhaust system. This is a full, 3 piece stainless cat back system which sounds absolutely stunning.

so without further adoo here she is

ok so the mods have started

today i finally fitted the factory blue tooth module once i made sure this all worked i then cleaned the whole car and polished it including the Nismo exhaust, sealed the alloys with alloy wheel sealer and then treated the tires with meguiers tyre dressing....

once i had finished playing with the outside 5hours later lol

i decided to start with the car PC front
1st up modify the Bose system to have an AUX input fairly easy to do i didnt take any pics but will copy form elsewhere to show how i did it.....

car pc so far comprises off
Liliput 619gl touchscreen
Acer Aspire Revo
Wireless keyboard and mouse
OBD Reader
Video input
Reverse Camera
Sat Nav
Centrafuse 3.5
Joycon ex Controller (more to come on this later)

Relay board isnt on order yet got to work out what ill use it for......
kinda thinking the following
Relay 1 - Pace Car strobes
Relay 2 - Drivers heated seat
Relay 3 - Passenger Heated seat
Relay 5 - Front grill Lights
Relay 6 - Front Camera
Relay 7 -
Relay 8 –

OK so let the fun begin

So i have started on the CAR PC

Spec as follows
Acer Aspire Revo
Carnetix P1900
LIlliput 7" Screen
Logitiec Mini Keyboard/Joypad
Joycon EX
Rear Camera
OBD Reader
C200 Video Camera Input

Onto the fitting the standard housing that comes in the non nav modules doesn't allow enough space to fit a screen in the cubby as you can see below

So i had to order a different unit

once order it was time to get on with the fitting of the screen, no real pics of this as it kinda just fits in and gets glued in place....

but once fitted allows it to look like this

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So with the screen in place it was time to modify the computer to work with the PSU

In order for it to work we have to make an additional switch input on the main board

So computer before

Computer with its top off

Locate power switch board this is top left of the computer case

Once removed it looks like this

the contacts themselves are just a standard short to make connection effectively a normally open shorted to normally closed

once connected to i then ran a cable through the case onto a connection on the rear.

that's as far as i got tonight but here are the finished pics today

the screen is being blurred out by my down lighter in the front room doesn't look like this when in natural light

So here is the new Carnetix loom Made up and measurement made on where to run the cables as with 90% of my work i braided the cables and heat shrunk the ends

Here is the new pc Location

there is a gap under neath here which was ideal to store the PSU and any other ancillary items in

so with that in place time to mount the camera

So onto the checklist
Rear Camera - DOne
Sat Nav -Done
AUX input on headunit - Done
OBD Reader - Outstanding
Fit New screen in cubby hole -Done
Power New screen of same psu as PC - Done
Automatic switching of rear Camera -Done
Sort out poor audio quality - Done

So with the above list 99% completed here is the finished article

NOw the screen

Now for a few videos

Ok ao here is a little update i managed to finally get all the features running so we now have full OBD access


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OK so at the weekend i felt the car could do with some love so it got given a good old wash

Started with a Snow foam Rinse

After this i gave the car a rinse then a hand wash with the wiggly wobbly wash mit lol

Closely followed by a full Lube up and Clay Bar session.

Once the clay bar had been done time for another wash by hand and the wiggly wobbly wash mit

Then dried and out came the G220 Polisher wish a Meguiers Cutting compound and red Pad this allowed me to remove some of the surface Swirls.

Once the whole car had been finished with the Polisher then it was ime to buff the car one last time before apllying the polish

I applied Colonite Polish and then buffed the windows to allow the water to bead off every part of the car including the carbon fibre

here are the finished pics

Ok so small update again

Had a Clifford Avantguard5.5 Alarm Fitted on friday the guy did try the new system which runs via the Can-bus but unfortunately the car wouldn't talk to the can-bus module had it had done this it would have made all the system easier to install...

Instead he did it the analogue way, the whole system was installed in about 6 hours and was done very neatly. i couldn't decide on the LED location, so i fitted it my self yesterday.

The installer did wire in the Boot pop but spotted a small hiccup with it last night in that the boot pop only works if the alarm is un-armed not really a bad thing but i will be changing it soon.

So onto today i fitted one of my reverse dip mirror kits was fairly straight forward, if you Know how to use a DMM.

90% of the cables you require are located in the passengers foot well. the only cable i didnt look for was a constant 12v as i had already brought my own cable through the bulkhead from the battery.

so found some pics of my car as it left the factory

As you all know the previous owner got the Nismo Kit for it so here is the transformation when it came out the from being fitted and painted

Now i have to say having a yellow car does stand out you know when people are talking about you lol

along with the fact it shows you got nothing to hide well how can you your bright YELLOW

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Very nice Z! That car PC you made is incredible.
I have a few questions for you.
If you don't mind me asking, about how much did that setup cost you?
Also, what kind of software are you running on it?
Finally, How long does it take to boot/ or does it run on a battery in a type of standby mode while the car is off?

I would love to build a Car PC but my main concern is boot time/power usage.

Thanks in advance for your reply!
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