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So after going though the hours long procedure of burping the air out of the coolant system on my 350z I thought there has to be a better way to do this.

What you need to accomplish this:
  • Z1 Motorsports coolant bleeder valve replacement. All Zs should probably have one of these anyway at this point since the plastic ones get brittle and break. Mine did.
  • Any barbed brass fitting with M10x1 threads on one end.
  • Clear tubing which is sized appropriately for the barbed fitting
  • A spill free coolant funnel

Procedure: Take the plug out of the bleeder valve, put the gasket from the plug onto the barbed fitting, screw the fitting into the bleeder valve, attach the hose to the barbed end, install the spill free funnel on the radiator and fill to a good height 8-12" maybe. Now turn the engine on and watch the bubbles come out of the clear tubing. When they stop you are done. Make sure to turn the climate control on full hot to allow coolant to flow through the bleeder valve. Also allow the thermostat to open so any trapped air in the radiator can get out.

This works because you are raising the fluid level above the highest point of the cooling system. When I first did this large quantities of air came out of the tube in a short amount of time, then only trickles for a little while. This should save alot of time for anyone opening the cooling system or dealing with overheating issues which can be caused by air in the system.

A word of caution though, when you take the hose off of the fitting, the fitting will shoot some coolant out because the height of the fluid will actually pressurize the system a little bit. It doesn't go far, just make sure its aimed away from you.

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