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Progress Report!

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I went down to the body shop early this morning to drop off my new rims---and there was Lucy Z sitting in the morning sun lookin so pretty! Yippee!!! She is all painted, (and they did a GREAT job on matching the BY) and ready for her final polish and for her emblems to be put back on. One little "issue" they are having, the camber and cross camber is off a little so they ordered another control arm to get the alignment #'s just right. I should be back in the driver's seat Friday at the latest!!!
And get this, they asked me how much I weigh
Of course I told them and then he said that they are putting that amount of weight into the driver's seat b4 they put her on the alignment machine--he said the car doesn't drive itself right? From what he was saying is that when they compensate for the driver's weight you get a truer-straighter drive. Awesome! I would have never thought of that. So, just a few more days and I will be able to post pics of my baby with her makeover!
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im glad for you.. looks like we are both coming out ok..
Yup, looks like we will both be able to enjoy cruiZin this weekend!!! It's off to the ECZA meet and then King of the Track!

It's about time our luck changed! LOL
Yeah, I sat in mine when the alignment was done. You're also supposed to have full fluids preferably though I would think 1/2 or 3/4 would be better.
hey toykilla, did you ever replaced your old Z? if so, what's the new one is or gonna be?
Originally posted by CatastrophZ@Apr 27 2004, 09:25 PM
hey toykilla, did you ever replaced your old Z? if so, what's the new one is or gonna be?

<span style="color:darkblue">Figure I'll save TK the trouble, check out this thread:</span>
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