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Power steering oil cooler

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Is this a good item to have if you intend on doing a lot of spirited driving on curvy mountain roads or on the track??
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Unless I am mistaken our cars already have a power steering cooler. You can see it when you look into the grill area, it looks like an oil or trans cooler.
yes our cars already have one. I dont know the benefits of getting the Nismo.
I think it's there to upgrade if you have wider front tires then stock and go through a lot of twisties. You should be ok if you have the stock width tires.
Will the stock one be ok when I have my 19''s??
NISMO Power Steering Oil Cooler will help when driving the car very hard, but especially if you are running larger wheels and tires up front...
The Nismo oil cooler's only advantage over the stock oil cooler is that it has a larger surface area for increased heat dissipation. Wether this increased heat dissipation is significant or not is anyones guess, most likely unless you plan on racing everyday it is not.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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