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Polished metal intake kits

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Hi guys

I just recieved my K&N Typhoon, but the metal piping isnt that well finished imo.

It looks like it needs a metal polish

Has anyone polished their intake pipes, and can recommend a metal polish that isnt abbrasive and wont ruin the finish

Im steering towards the Mothers Mag & Alu Polish atm
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I have always used Mothers Mag polish and it has worked the best.
I have a can of Never Dull. I use it to get the burnt fuel off the exhaust tips. It makes them nice and shiny w/o any scratches. I've had this can for 10 years and barely use it because it lasts so long.
My K&N polished intake tube was perfect....I use Mother's Billet Polish on it and it works like a charm! (BTW I clearcoated my CF heat sheild and it looks awesome, if you have the CF one that is...)

It works great on non-clearcoated aluminium and SS. If the aluminum is very dull but smooth, get some 0000 steel wool. You should be able to polish is fairly easily.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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