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Polaris Stonegard

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Hello all,

I was looking through the latest edition of Open Road and found a small ad for Stonegard - that's the clear bra.

Anyway for those who may be interested, I went to their web site to have a look at the product as I'm going to get my front bumper be fixed and resprayed and I though this might be something to look at.

They have a "kit B" which covers the entire front bumper, tips of the guards, front of the bonnet and mirrors. They also have another smaller kit and all the independent pieces can be bought seperately.

The B kit is $545 installed and is done at the premises at Rydalmere.

As always

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HELLO HARRY - who you getting to spray and what's the damage? Mine's looking like the surface of the moon already.

Shizzle, I will be getting Klosters to do it. I need to get a small crack where some fark kicked my car at Charlestown Square. I too have a front bar the look slike the moon.

I'm still waiting for Lee to send me the quotes. He also mentioned they can put additives in the paint, especially when painting plastic, to make the paint harder.

I'll let you know how much when I get the quotes (Monday?).

As always

I'd reccomend getting your bra done after a re-spray. Whilst I'm not too sure about the "adhesive" you're talking about I had my front bar re-sprayed about 6 months ago - I was warned before having it done that any stone chip on the re-spray will be twice as big because of the newer paint over the original paint and this has turned out to be true.
$545.oo for some plastic!
Wouldn't it be cheaper just to get the bonnet & bumper resprayed when you sell the car?
What size stone chip will it stop? What guarantees?

Not being negative, just trying to play devils advocate!
$545.00 for plastic!
You guys will probably need to get your bar sanded first to get rid off the dents in the plastic. After that you might have to wait 4-6 weeks before you put it on, you have to let it cure and let all the solvents evaporate. After that you guys can put it on.

By the way, my bumper has been resprayed around 4 months ago i think. It looks like a moon now as wel.
Micky, I wasn't promoting the product or saying I was going to get it.

Some time ago there were a few people who were looking for this product, thought I'd help.

There are answers to those questions on the web site, I couldn't answer any as I haven't looked into the product, just found out the cost.

To spray the front bumper alone is about $400, not sure about the bonnet?

I want my car to look good, without the craters, all the time and perhaps this might be a solution. I know all the yanks swear by it!

As always

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Originally posted by harryw@Jan 22 2005, 03:50 AM
Some time ago there were a few people who were looking for this product, thought I'd help.

I've been looking at this stuff for when I get the Forester as it'll see a fair bit of fire road and gravel road use. If I do (and it's at least a month of yet) I'll post pics and my thoughts.
HARRY - are you gunna keep the same colour?

Might as well start now and bit-by-bit you could change to


Hardyfarken ha ha!

Shizzle, got the quote and it is $440. I'll have to go and talk to the guy as I'm not sure if he allowed for some clear.

On another note, I'm getting the SO3's fitted tomorrow, 245's all round.

As always

Hi Guys,

I'm curious about you all calling the look of your front spoilers like the face of the moon... I've currently got a BA XR6 and I do a lot of highway driving on crap roads (like the Hume) and also a lot of club cruises - however I can count the number of stone chips on two hands (I polish fairly regularly so I notice these things).

I'm looking to buy a Z to replace the BA, but concerned that if the paint quality is this poor that it chips easily - or is it because the clearcoat is too thin, or something like that.
Aloha All,
As far as issues with painting bumpers, or any plastic that flexes, best to spray with a vinyl acrylic paint. Make sure the surface is prepped with a primer specifically for plastics. Let it cure a bit (30 days minimum) before applying a clear bra, my Llumar Bra was $600 installed. Lifetime warranty. Worth it. BTW, getting my color was a challenge. Two paint shops couldn't mix it, and an auto repair shop couldn't find the formula. Finally took a marine supply shop to find the formula. The mixer was the one who recommended the type of paint to use for plastic. Oh, the clearcoat requires a flex additive as well.

A Hui Hou


I think a lot of it is due to the fact that the plastic for the front bumper is very soft, so on impact for example it has a lot of flex. But as a side effect if a decent size rock hits it, it leaves a dent in the plastic chipping the paint. At least that's the problem I've been expiriencing.
Brother has had this done to his zed. He has the veilside style 1 full kit and the sideskirts had been all chipped and scratched from stones/etc from driving on the highway. He had the side skirts recently repaired and had this stoneguard done. Doesn't look the best but atleast it protects. Will try to get some pictures up.

I've had my zed for 4 or so months now. yes I have stone chip, but I don't think the problem with the zed is as bad as everyone makes out.
The design of the bumper (wide, flat not many fancy nancy bits & pieces added on like chrome etc,) probably just makes owners more aware of the stone chips.

But like I said, I haven't had any probs with paint, stonechips etc & I have done 10K kms.
I doubt there is any quality issues with the paintwork on the zed.
You will enjoy the car if you decide to buy.
Mike, the 03 cars really have a thin coat of clear. I've had to respray the guard due to a scrape in Feb 03 and couldn't believe how little paint/clear was on the car.

In fact i got the whole car clear coated. So what you saw was a double coated car and it looked on par with yours in colour depth. Maybe Nissan did wake up about it in 04?!?!
I should say that since my bumper has been resprayed by a quality resprayer (with flexable paint) I have now got very few chips. I should alsosay I've changed my driving - I stay some distance away from trucks until I can see a clear easy overtake. Most of the damage came from driving too close waiting to overtake.
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