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Pocono International Raceway

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"Have you ever wanted to drive a Road Course? Drive your car Flat Out with no chance of a ticket? Find out what is like to drive a NASCAR high banked turn? Just looking for some seat time at a fast track?”

Now is your chance! “The Tri-Region Race Group is considering hosting an SCCA High Performance Car Control Clinic (HPCCC) on the Friday and Saturday June 17 and 18, 2005 at Pocono International Raceway.” If you are interested in attending such an event please let it be known by submitting you information at the following link
For more information on this event please visit
You do not need to be an SCCA member to participate.

If this event does take place there will be a 350Z G35 Club of America ( ZGCA ) meet taking place on both days! Yes both days! Bring your helmet and sleeping bag!!! Its going to be a wild time, so please join us.

Again don’t forget to express you interest in this event by filling out your information at the link

Will :shiftdrive:
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Wow.......Mid-Atlantic....that's like another time zone

We need to lock some time slots for the group

Looks neat.. cant find a map tho. Im curious how close it is to the tri-state area..
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