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Looking at a few different options right now. And want to get some more feed back. We have implemented the Pixel page as a way for members to help us out and show support, and I am considering a few ways to add to this. One is to have different levels of donation will get you different things.

Here is my thoughts:

4 block minimum

4 blocks: stickers, [email protected], 150 message PM box limit, "Contributor" tag under your name
6 blocks: all of the above plus a 350-tech shirt.
8 blocks: all of the above plus file hosting: 50mb limit
10+ blocks: all of the above plus increased file hosting size: 150mb

Also things will be additive, so if you buy 4 blocks now you can later add 2 blocks and get your shirt and a few more to get the file hosting.

Those that have already purchased pixels will get their goodies.

We are planning to do random drawings for prizes that only contributing members will be eligible for. Not sure how often and what all prizes will be, but it will be good stuff :) This will be completely separate from raffles in the future.

You can start buying pixels here:

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Sounds like you're coming up with great ideas already. They seem to flow well with what you have in mind. I say this is a great way to start interest in the site and spread the word. Later on, we might have more ideas and contribute. For now, start simple and see where it goes.
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