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pics all of my recent additions

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Just recently installed the Hotchkis stage one (springs and sways). As well as a chrome courtesy z emblem on the front of the car. What do you guys think? And here are a few pics of the zpc, too.

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Looks awesome Chris. Car looks so much better lowered. I really like that emblem too. You got an awesome deal on it
Sweet pics.

Zpc?? Where did you get that? How much of a PC is it really? What a cool feature!
Nice! I really want to do a PC in my Z someday.
very nice i must say!! i also have that same HU
it is as much of a pc as the one you are sitting on now, plus more. (GPS DVD MP3 Wireless Internet) connects to the network when i pull up to my house etc. I love it, but i dont know how practical it is. :)
it is as much of a pc as the one you are sitting on now, plus more. (GPS DVD MP3 Wireless Internet) connects to the network when i pull up to my house etc. I love it, but i dont know how practical it is. :)
<div align="right">[snapback]94547[/snapback]

very practical. you just have to connect to your network to get music off of your computer in the house! :) (unless you have enough room to house all of the music you have on the computer in the car). how much was it and how hard to install??? you can PM me if you don't want to post it. or, email me at [email protected]. i'm getting rid of my car....but my friend was wondering about putting one in his supra.

thanks man!

I'm not getting rid of my car and am very interested in your incar PC. share if you can as I have a 9835 and the open space above!!
You're holding out on us, lol. We need info!!! :cheers:
<span style="color:darkblue">I'd hardly call a thread from January holding out link</span>
hehe sorry guys, been working on some PHP database accessing for a project due tomorrow night. Needless to say its taking up a lot of my time. The computer has 120gigs of storage. So i have about 1500 songs on there and its hardly 5% full. Regardless, I spent:
450 on the monitor (xenarc 700tsv) from
50 on the motherboard (ASRock K7S41 Micro ATX motherboard (4 front 2 rear usb2.0 ports))from
100 on ram (kingston 512MB ddr400) from
50 on the seagate harddrive from a local comp store
free cpu becasue i had a 1.2 ghz athlon lying around
and the case cost me another 45 bucks (IN Win Black Micro ATX Case)
60 on the rikaline gps using ebay (*gps4everyone is the seller)
also dvd slimline drive cost me 100 bucks
wireless network adapter was 50 or so

also i have two different power setups. I have an inverter with an on off switch for the computer to maualy be turned on and off and the inverter turns on via relay switch (when ignition is on). this setup cost me about 25 dollars! haha
then i have an opus 150watt power supply dc-dc thats starts the computer up with the car and powers up the computer straight from the 12v battery. it also shuts the comp down 5 seconds after the car is turned off. this setup cost me 200 dollars, and is a pain in the ass!

all together I spent around 1300, but this can be had for much less, the entire thing was a big mess for me, because it was my first time building such a weird computer(one for a car). If i had to do it again i would go all out and just buy mini-itx components. that way my comp would be able to be stored under the seat and things like ventilation and access to the comp wouldnt be an issue at all. One-day i will build a tiny one and sell this one off or keep it around to collect dust, but for now i like the way its setup.

Thanks for the interest and compliments guys. Unfortunately I DO NOT sell these or make these for anyone. I am, however, available to answer any questions you might have and I will help you with any problems you have if you attempt to build one of your own. Just IM me, I am a nice guy (most of the time ;-) )
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if you are familiar at all with stereo stuff you can hook up a pc, laptop, mp3 player, etc to your car easily and get perfect soundquality out of it. What you need for it to work with your headunit:
-Alpine's Auxillary Adapter (like 20 bucks) and you can get this at your local car audio shop or online anywhere alpine is available
-an rca cable
-a male headphone jack to male rca cable
-2 barrel connectors so you can connect male to male rcas together

with that you can connect ANY peripheral you would like provided it has a headphone jack (a place to plug in headphones)
Looks great Chris! :thumbsup:
How do the springs and sways feel?

:thumbsup: Good choices on the mods :thumbsup:
That is one hella setup with the in car PC...don't see those everyday. Very nice work.
they feel freaking amazing! I can't say enough about them. Completely different car, so much more predictable now. I love them. Even the girlfriend noticed the change, she was like wow everything feels so much tighter and bumps arent nearly as bouncy.
I will tell you all this, if you cant the bounce from the stock suspension gone, hotchkis stage 1 is your fix.
Excellent additons. Having the capability to interface with a laptop, etc. is AWESOME. It's all been tastefully executed as well. :thumbsup:

WELL DONE!!! :clap:

Hey, even your sneaker storage area looks good too. :rolf2:

thanks guys. just dropped her off at the body shop, Nismo JDM sides and rear go on tomorrow~!
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