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Well I made my way down to the Philly Auto show and here are some pics for you to enjoy. It was cool for the most part but there wasn't really anything exciting there. I surveyed the place and took pics of what I thought was worthy so check them out.

The new Eclipse
Rear shot

The Car of all cars. Porsche GT

The only moded up 350Z. There were only 3 total at the show.

It was crowded in the small room that had "tuner" cars, I figured that this one looked like some time was put into it so I snapped a pic

One of the main attractions in the "million dollar" cars section.
I wish I was sitting in that car, this little guy had no idea how cool he looked.

Still making them by hand for 100k a pop.

The new Chevy Colbalt SSr. Its not a bad looking car, it will only be a matter of time to see if this car makes it in the tuner market.

Nissan. Represent.

And finally, when there is just no other parking space left, you can always take some pointers from the hummer owners. I am just wondering who is the lucky person that gets to drive it up there in the first place.

It was a fun time had by our group and I try to hit this show once a year when I can. I usually go to the NY auto show, but I missed it and instead went to PA. Even thought it was not as big or exciting, there was still some cool stuff going on, espcecially since Chinatown is located right outside. So as we were leaving, there were all of these fireworks going off for Chinese New Years. All you heard were loud bangs, music and fire trucks. So that was cool... :)


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I was there on Friday, same impression - I took a pic of my warped 10 year old with the laying under the hummer! I have to reduce image to post.

did you see the S7 and Lambo up by the entrance to the Tuner section?

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That 350Z is Carv2's. It was at our last show and is very nice.

Carv2 will be hosting the Spring 2005 ECZA Meet/Dyno on 4/9/05 in Newport, Delaware.

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Nice pics Ray.

Would have loved to see the Murcielago in person!
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