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Performance parts for sale

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My car is on its way from Perth to APS in Melbourne for a TT upgrade and I will have the following parts for sale:-

1) Hi-Tech exhaust - done around 15k and in perfect condition. Being S/S should be good for at keast 200k. Bolts straight on. Took around 45 mins to fit. Very noticeable performance improvement and exhaust note is magic compared to stock.

2) Pop Charger intake - Done around 8k. Not sure if it improved performance but sounds good.

3) Kinatex V4 plenum - brand new, never installed. I had a V3 which cracked and replacement V4 is on the way. There have been no reported problems with the V4. I loved the V3. It really improved performance over 4000rpm. Easy to fit as well, took me around 40 minutes.

I may also have a UR crank pulley available. It depends on whether APS want to leave it on the car or not. This was also a good mod.

Prices are negotiable but I am hoping to get around 1/2 of new price. The Hi-Tech is in Melbourne but can be shipped back to Perth with my car if anybody from Perth is interested. I can post the Pop Charger and plenum anywhere in Australia included in the price. Allow 2 weeks for exhaust and plenum.

Please PM or email me me if anyone is interested.

Needless to say I am eagerly awaiting the return of my "new" car.
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I sent you a PM in regards to the exhaust..


What did it cost you to ship your car to Mel and back? (Or is someone driving it???) What type of protection was used? Does APS pick it up from the train yard?

Can you give me a dollar amount for the plenum, and some pics too?

I am definitely interested.
I wouldnt even know what a plenum is.. What is it, what does it do..??

A plenum is the air intake manifold that connects the intake tube to the engine
PM sent Malcolm.. never knew you were in perth also... we'll have to sort out a Perth Z cruise out to the Duckstein in the swan valley one day... im sure Perth350, CAR2 and Whitezed would be up for it too..
Will you be getting insurance with you twin turbos? Who will you be going with??
Hey does ****** know we're here?

Haven't seen anything from him of late!

As always

yeh good point Harry !!!!
i dont think i seen him on these forums yet..
Jagz - Freight Perth to Melbourne is $420. Melbourne to Perth around $850. I considered driving back to Perth but unless you've got the time to spare it's not really worth it.

That price is depot to depot. Add an extra $70 for local delivery. I sent mine with TNT and car's are shipped by rail in containers. Takes about 10 days. There are quicker shipments by truck (around 5 days) but they cost more.

Scathing - Will send you PM tomorrow.

MC Chapman

I currently have cheap insurance around $850, but they won't insure the TT, even for an extra premium. I got another quote for $1800 but can do better than that. I definately will declare the TT. There's no point in having insurance if everything is not 100% upfront. If you need to make a claim, you don't want any hassles.

I believe I will go with Shannons if they will have me. Ztrack is insured with them and the rate is good. I have maximum no claim, good driving record etc. so it should be OK.
Malcolm, welcome to the site.... you luck ******* !!!!! I've sent you a PM regarding vthe plenum
Oh and in relation to ******, I haven't seen him at the old forum either?? Has anyone PM'd him.

Nang, Too late for a Perth Z cruise now, bloody TT will blow us all away LOL

I just cancelled my insurance ( what was left of it ) with AAMI and they tell me they have just this week changed their policy on modified cars and would have not charged me any more for adding the TT's to the policy, plus uping the agreed value to $82,000.00 I was paying $1082.00 with them, I've decided to go with Shannon's ($1278.00) as they have more options.
Whilst we don't have AAMI here Malcolm you could try RACWA - same company
can i have the price of the new kinetic v4 plenum please, shipped to 95035
I imagine that shipping to the US will be expensive
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