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Major Brake Problem Issue found thanks to Performance Nissan!


Just received bad news!!! Well if you read the link below:

You will find out the entire story where my brakes (Stoptech's) where not braking properly since the pedal was traveling many inches and just falling through before braking.

The bad news is thatt the cause of the problems was found to be aftermarket electronical components. What? You may be wondering. Well I have two electrical aftermarket components:

1) Alpine Stereo
2) Gauge Cluster

It seems that one of those was wired to the electrical cable and components of the ABS, and it was causing an overvoltage causing the ABS not to engage at all and messing up the whole braking sequence. Well Im extremely happy the cause was found after months of searching for the cause but the bad new is that the dealer was originally going to do it as warranty but since it is caused by aftermarket components then I will have to pay a portion of the costs. At least 4-6 hours of labor. OUCH! OUCH! Thats more than my flywheel install. Im not complaining, since if it is indeed the aftermarket components then I accept responsability but it hurts never the less.

The manager just tolled me that I will get a call later in the afternoon with the exact amount since Im also having the sway bars from Stillen installed.

I hate to write so long of a thread but I would like to have it known that I have never been as gratefull as I'am now with a dealer, Performance Nissan in Duarte. From the moment they realized that my brakes, which is important, had a problem they straight out advised me that whatever the problem they would resolve it and THEY DID!!!.

Jeff Hess the parts manager was nothing but WONDERFUL in getting the ball rolling for me and also the sugegstions received from JASON & TONY in the Nismo parts Division were helpful as well. On the, service side Javier, the service manager was more than willing to cooperate as much as he can in order to resolve my problem. He is usually in meetings all day and it is hard to get in touch with him but he took the time to go on several test drives with me and also with his technicians when they test drove as well. We was willing to work in my car and oversee the whole operation more than the owner of the dealer would have cared for propably. My thanks go to all the team of Performance Nissan and my gratitude for their service and kind hospitality will never be forgotten. I know for sure where my Z will be going for every major or minor mod I do.

Thank you very much to you Performance Nissan in Duarte, Ca. (Thank you Jeff Hess, Jason, Tony, and specially Javier the Service Manager.

I will be writting a letter to Nissan headquarters to let them know that this dealer has been and continues to keep the Nissan name up high.
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