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PAUTER RODS??? anyone have them and not in the mid

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Does anyone have the Pauter rods who does not need thme in the next 2-3 weeks???
i have them on order, Sharif just verbally assured me they should be done next friday, 1/21/05 and should be shipped the following week...
so, my proposition...if someone can send me their Pauter rods that they have sitting on a shelf (or under your pillow in your bedroom, that's where mine would be)...i will send out a certified check for $100 for the trouble...i figure if someone can help me and ship them OVERNIGHT... i won't be slowed down with my rebuild...the hope is to get them here in albuquerque, NM by monday or tuesday of next week....

my pauter rods will ship out to you immediately when they get here...or, i can talk to sharif and pauter and try to get them shipped directly to you...they will be there 1/28/05 best case scenario, 2/4, worst case scenario (highly unlikely that late!)

anyways, please, if someone can help me out, i'll get the check sent out tomorrow...i know lots of you guys participated in the group buy a while back that prolly haven't done the rebuild yet..

so please, help a fellow engine rebuider who is in the middle of a rebuild, out.

Thank you so much!!!
PS: sharif (gq_626) will vouch for me that i have a set of pauter rods on order that will be sent out on their first shipment (since i ordered so long ago!)


pls e-mail me:
[email protected]
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