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My headlights, brights, turn signals front and rear, every light works on my car except the front parking lights. I have no parking lights in the front at all. I can't imagine them all going bad at the same time. I was wondering where could I find the fuse for these lights. I have looked in the fuse box under the hood and under the dash, but nothing about parking lights. Also, could someone link me to a wiring diargram for the headlights. Thanks.

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It may be a 'bit' more difficult then replacing a simple fuze .. the Z is so .. umm .. computerized. From the Service Manual ..

System Description NKS0004G
Control of parking, license plate and tail lamp operation is dependent upon the position of lighting switch (combination
switch). When the lighting switch is in the 1ST position, the BCM (body control module) receives input
signal requesting the parking, license plate, side marker and tail lamps to illuminate. This input signal is communicated
to the IPDM E/R (intelligent power distribution module engine room) through CAN communication.
The CPU (central processing unit) located in the IPDM E/R controls the tail lamp relay coil and daytime light
relay* coil. These relay, when energized, directs power to parking, license plate, side marker and tail lamps,
which then illuminate.
Daytime light relay*: Canada models

Power is supplied at all times
 through 10A fuse (No.71, located in IPDM E/R)
 to tail lamp relay, located in IPDM E/R, and
 to CPU located in IPDM E/R,
 through 15A fuse (No.78, located in IPDM E/R)
 to CPU located in IPDM E/R,
 through 40A fusible link (letter F, located in fuse, fusible link and relay box)
 to BCM terminal 55,
 through 10A fuse [No.18, located in fuse block (J/B)]
Download the Service Guide for your car from Tech ..

You car is a 2003 so ..

This is really, the firt thing you need to do when considering any problem with your car. This is the 'bible' .. as it were .. including all the wiring diagrams you EVER want to think of seeing!

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QUOTE (Silver6speed350z @ Jun 20 2008, 07:38 AM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=538569
Thanks. Do you know of an "easy" way to see if im getting power to my front parking lights?
Multimeter is the first thing that comes to mind. If you are not getting power then I am thinking .. without looking back at the service manual .. that there is a diagnostic section there for the various lights.
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