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Greeting all. I am a new Z owner! It's a 2004 roadster 3.5L convertible 6 speed manual with a Stillen stage 1 supercharger. 62k currently on the clock.

P0174 Fuel System Lean, Bank 2
P0455 EVAP Control System

It's thrown me these 2 codes 2 times now. I cleared them each time....but here's the weird part. The codes only come back either at 1/4 of a tank or just below that level. When I fill up, I get nothing for codes until it drops to that 1/4 tank level.

Before I throw money and a new O2 sensor and possibly a new map/maf sensor, which I don't think is the actual problem with the oddities of when the codes trigger, has anyone else experienced something like this??
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