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I "track" a little, here and there.
New thing to me. (4 track day's)
All stock 350Z, 2008. factory tires
The last time at the track, the instructors where talking about,
"Over tireing" a car.
Any body got a "sweet size " and brand that worked well?
Cannot afford the brakes, so I am trying to make sure I can take the turn.
Sound like:
1: 350 z standard tires size
I do not want to change the rimes at this time.
Is one size over a good idea?
Would it be to much tire to where the car wont turn?

Thank you for any information, or personal experience you may have.

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I haven't heard of that phrase, but I think I know what you're talking about. I've done that with a 300ZX and had good results. Then again, it's hard to say since I had also modded my brakes, drivetrain, engine, etc.

There is a tire calculator online that may help you with picking out a size. Otherwise, I would just use the tires you have now and learn to maximize their potential and improve your driving skills.
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