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Ordered a JWT Pop Charger

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Ordered my first "performance" mod today. I quote the performance because I really don't expect to gain anything other than sound, for now. I'm sure down the road when I can do more it will become more valuable as a performance enhancement. I still can't wait to get it installed. The Z is only my second car and this is the first engine modification I have ever done. And so the upgrading begins...I better make some more money.
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You'll like it. Looks cool, sounds cool. Can't exactly tell any power increase and in fact it doesn't sound all that different to me except at wide open throttle. You will hear a whistle of sorts that actually sounds cool at lower throttle positions. But like I said at WOT it is quite nice. Sounds almost like a an old 4 barrel openning up.

It sounds great!

Like you said though, you're only going to imagine the extra power.

Congrats on the purchase and post up some pics when you get it on! :clap:

You will look back at this day a few years from now as the day you started your journey down that long dark path of financial hemorraging and mental addiction that is car modification. Or maybe you will just forget either way have fun


Help me I'm hemorraging! Ain't it the truth.
Thanks for the replies everyone. I will hopefully receive it at the start of next week. As soon as I get it put on I will clean her up and try to post some pics (I've never done that before). Won't have time to clean her this weekend though, I will be in Indy for the race!
Well I got my intake the other day and installed a couple of nights ago. It was a pretty simple installation. I got a late start on it so I didn't get done until about midnight. Started her up and mad sure everything was working okay. Tapped the throttle a couple of times and noticed the whistle noise and thought that was cool. I took it easy going out of my housing division, and once I got out of there I found a nice empty road. I got rolling and put her into second and opened it up. OH MY GOD!!! I absolutely love the sound this intake produces. It really gives the engine a nice growl under open throttle. I've never put an engine mod on a car before so I didn't know what to expect. Well the pop charger has exceded my expectations. Best 115 bucks I've ever spent.

On a side note the 500 was awesome. It was the first time I've ever been to a race and it was quite the experience. My seat was on the front straight toward the end of pit row. Awesome experience all together.
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nice! :)

Sounds like the 500 was a good time.

I too have a Pop Charger and enjoy it quite a bit. It does help it up top. Great first modifcation and awesome bang for buck.

A plenum spacer will also increase that growl and add a bit of performance. Motordyne, AAM and Esprit (Japan) make them for our cars. Either of the ones in the States are great bang for buck just like your JWT. The esprit is a bit more $$. But basically the same thing. :)

My next mod. ^^

Just some info...
Not really familiar with that mod. I'm guessing that is increases the capacity of the intake plenum?? How much are they? Can you still use the stock strut bar with them?
It fixes the front two cylinders getting less airflow than the rest.

They range between $180-250 I believe.
(bottom of page)

Yes you can still use the stock bar with either of them.

I believe they require you do use spacers and longer bolts however.
Everything you need will come with either of them.

It's the next logical mod IMHO.

(Other bang for buck)
After that would be an exhaust with or without high flow cats/test pipes. Headers will also increase power, but are pricey to install. So, bang for buck there is hard to say... But you can get an exhaust from $650 to $$$$. So bang for buck is possible. Plus a different sound. (IMHO, the stock exhaust sounds fine)

Then look at an ECU reflash from either AAM (alteredatmosphere) or TechnoSquare. (more bang for buck 5-15rwhp for $600 but helps keep your ECU from taking that little bit of power you lose over time due to the ECU keeping emmisions happy, from all those mods you just added.

TS (technosquare) says they alter the "correction factor" to help keep the ECU from "adjusting" from the mods over time. They also change the throttle body opening from 80% to 100% after 5500rpm.

My recipe for a fun, fast, reliable Z. :)

(Hotchkis TVS system is also in my Bang for Buck category.. springs and sways for under $400sale price)

</end ramble>
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Will the hood shut properly with the added rise in the strut bar or do you have to get a spacer for it as well? Thanks for the input.
yes. read the manufacturers website.
Any idea of the differences between the Motordyne 1/4" and Altered spacers? The Motordyne seems to be the better deal for 60 bucks less, is there any quality difference as far as machining or materials? Is there a strut bar that can work with the Motordyne XL and still retain the factory hood setting? Thanks for all of the help.
i'm guessing the performance is the same.. i dunno.

the AAM is an angled spacer.. meaning just the front two cyl. are corrected.
the Motordyne is an equal spacer. ( i hope i didn't get that backwards)

Motordyne did tell me via email , that they are working on a new version. No details to be released at this time.

Any of the strut bars that go in front of the engine cover, rather than on top would be okay i presume.. I have no real idea here. :( sorry.

Most of the performance is gained in the first 1/4" .. so I wouldn't go out of your way to go larger. Plus 1/4" is fine with OEM stb and hood.

Your Welcome! :D

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Aren't the front two cylinders the only two that need to be corrected? Assuming the factory specs limits those two only. Wouldn't a non-angled spacer keep the problem, just adding more flow to all 6, but the still limiting the front two? Just trying to get my facts straight.
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