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One Less Brickyard On The Road

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this morning i totalled my car.. it was my fault.. it was quite a wake up call..

if you guys want stuff i may be parting out my z...

let me know

i am crushed...

everyone that saw what happened says i should be dead...

pics here
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To everyone:
me and toykilla are on our way to rip off his aftermarket parts this morning. it will be fun to rip it off but sad b/c it was such a nice car!!
Hate to see the loss of you car......glad to see we did not loose the owner.

The car functioned as it was designed during the impacts. That is good to see.
Toykilla, so sad to see this has happened to you.

I'm very glad God was with you as he was with me in my accident. I am just seeing your pics and reading your story. I was in an accident Mar 27th. Totalled my LeMans Sunset 6 wks old.

I know that you are going to get another Z as I am. We will ride again!! Stick to your guns with the insurance company. They will try to give you less...our babies are worth every $$$ we shelled out!!


HI PAM! Glad to see ya came over to check it out! We are all anxiously awaiting pictures of TK's new Z---AND YOURS! Hope it is all coming together for ya! LOL --Terri
I know it's been awhile since this has happened, but are any parts for sale?
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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